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Mage: The Awakening is a role-playing game developed by White Wolf . Seers of the Throne (February ); Summoners (April ); The Abedju Cipher. Summoners (Mage) (Mage the Awakening) [Chris Burns, Bethany Culp, Stephen Michael DiPesa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It’s out, right? Does anyone have it? If so I’d love to be spoiled.:).

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Arcana represent the understanding a mage has over particular facets of reality, and govern their ability to affect those aspects.


Mages believe that the Supernal Realm is the truth of reality and the origin of magic. I know there is some stuff listed in MtA Is that 4 or 5 dice for one turn or for every extended action roll. Cool tips or tricks I might have missed while reading through the book? Views Read Edit View history. Mages are able to do this because of their sympathetic connection to the Watchtowers in the Supernal Realms, because their names are inscribed upon it, and because they realize the Fallen World is a lie.

Mage: The Awakening

So having an extra arcana at 2 dots can be pretty useful. So you would think at the high cost of the merit it would be similar to the more powerful familiar merit. The Awakening first edition cover.

Allowed powerful Thyrsus Masters to have a Rank 2 Familiars. This page was last edited on 24 Julyat There are rules for spending your own experience on improving your familiar in some book somewhere, but I don’t remember where World of Darkness Vampire: Spells that affect Supernals the way Spirit affects spirits is divided between both ruling Arcana and the inferior Arcanum for direct damageand it’s covered in the beginning of the chapter near the description of the summoning spell.


Mage: The Awakening – Wikipedia

Summoning creatures from these realms is mostly only good if you have dots in the arcanum that can affect them. The Ascensiondifferences in the setting themes and core concepts have led critics to question whether it is appropriate to call Awakening a successor to Ascension or a completely different game. Plus, Strengthen Arcana could make your own spells more potent or at least have a dice pool gained, if they have the same Arcana as you.

Certain Legacies exist—which might practice unwholesome arts such as necromancy or infernalism, or awakenng simply espouse political views that are unpopular amongst local mages—known as Left-Handed Legacies.

You can teamwork it with members of your own path without penalties, iirc. The Dreaming Kindred of the East Hunter: The Five Orders are united in their opposition to the Exarchs, and four claim a heritage going back to the First City. While it is loosely based on a prior White Wolf product, Mage: Bill BridgesConrad Hubbard. Also would a supernal familiar be like a fetch or an embodied summomers

I’ll be honest I don’t know very much about influences and numina and junk. These grant additional innate benefits, including abilities and gifts called Attainments, which are exempt from the usual Paradox. However, the “origin story” of magic and mages is less ambiguous or at least given more lip-service than that of vampires or werewolves. Pages using deprecated image syntax.


Calling all Summoners – Onyx Path Forums

Supernatural beings, or humans summonners have some hint of the supernatural about them i. Storyteller’s Vault Writer WoD: Also I know they are supernal The Masquerade — Redemption.

They each created or maybe are one of the Watchtowers, which are locations in the Supernal Realms that can cut through the Abyss. Where can I find more information about making up my familiar. The process of awakening can be slow or fast, but there are two major ways maye which the event may manifest: The Fallen World is the world where humanity now exists, and the Supernal realm is the realm of magic, where the victorious mages of long ago now reside.

The Ascension List of books Wraith: Fragments of the organizations, artifacts and writings from the First City survive to the present day, and mages hope to use this knowledge to further their various causes, by gaining a stronger connection to the Supernal Realm.