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Luxalon 84R panel Standard Colou (Per/ Lm) – We have a huge range in-store. Contact Upside Building at 08 for more information. SHORT SYSTEM DESCRIPTION. The Luxalon® 84R ceiling system consists of round edged panels (1) which can be easily clipped on a 84R carrier (3). The Luxalon® 84R Façade System consists of 84 mm wide rollformed, round edged panels (1), which can simply be clicked on the prongs of a 84R stringer (3) .

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The 84 mm wide panels have a 16 mm open joint between the panels. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Calculating the value of the local wind load is the responsibility of the installer who must taking into account the regulations laid down by local authorities.

Environmentally sound materials are key to sustainable buildings. A member of the Hunter Douglas Architectural team will contact you soon. The Hunter Douglas range of Metal Ceilings, are available in a range of standard colours that are suitable for most applications.

Sunshades Luxalon

To find out more about producing specifications for building projects visit www. Other content by this manufacturer: Slender round shaped open panels with emphasis on the direction of the panels. Name, email, company, phone, location and at least one product selection are required. Sound materials Environmentally sound materials are the key to a sustainable building. Keen on Green is an important company-wide initiative to reduce energy consumption, water usage and our overall carbon-footprint.


Share Share on Facebook Share by Mail. Known for its fluid lines, versatility, and easy installation, The Linear Open 84R Ceiling System creates a rounded linear aesthetic.

Sound materials Environmentally sound materials are the key to a sustainable building. What is your role? The panels can be easily demounted by hand, allowing easy and full access to services and installation in the plenum. We pride ourselves on our worldwide network of experienced, intelligent, passionate and creative people that ,uxalon consciously chosen Hunter Douglas as their employer.

The joints between the panels can be open or closed with a joint profile that is flush with the face of the panels. A member of our team will contact you soon.

Luxalon® 84R Exterior Ceiling System – Hunter Douglas Architectural Projects

The products come with a special high quality surface treatment: The panels get a unique finishing touch with our own industrial coil coating processes. When necessary the panels are fixed to the carrier by means of locking clips fitting in the luxaon. Hunter Douglas Linear Ceilings. General Information Why 84R?

  CHQ 0038 PDF

Hunter Douglas Window Covering Web: The fascia option is fixed to the ends of the carrier profiles. Panels can be supplied in any length up to mm as standard.

Environmentally sound materials are the key to a sustainable building. Material characteristics The 84R exterior luxqlon system consists of round shaped panels which can be easily clipped on a carrier. These calculations are made for projects by our project support team. Your browser does not support automatic copy to clipboard.

Hunter Luxalonn and its employees actively support the communities in which we live and work, as well as those on a more global scale. Hunter Douglas Architectural Projects. Our shading solutions promote the use of healthy daylight without the hindrances of glare and thermal discomfort.

The 84R linear open ceiling system

Panels are demountable for easy access to the plenum. Slender round edged panels with an emphasis on the direction of the panels.

Slender rounded panels with 16mm wide open joints enhance the linear appearance of the ceiling, providing a directional effect to a room.