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Clariant and Lummus Novolen will jointly invest about CHF 65 million in this new stateof-the-art polypropylene catalyst production line at. Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news. Lummus Technology licenses its NovolenĀ® gas phase polypropylene (PP) technology for the production of the full range of PP resins. This reliable, versatile .

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Polypropylene resin composition – Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH

The solution was diluted with 3. The metallocene complexes A may also be used on a support material. Removal of catalyst residues or amorphous polymer is not required. After addition, the solution was stirred for another 10 min. This information corresponds to the present state of our knowledge and is intended as a general description lummu our products and their possible applications. No express or implied warranty is made of the merchantability, suitability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise of any product or service.

lum,us The support may also be treated chemically, generally using conventional drying agents, such as metal alkyl compounds, preferably aluminum alkyl compounds, chlorosilanes or SiCl 4. All blends of Examples and Comparative Examples 30 and 31 were prepared by dry mixing g of a high melting autoclave component, g of a low melting autoclave component, 0.

The Ziegler-Natta catalyst is formed using a spherical MgCl2-xROH support, where R is a linear, cyclic or branched hydrocarbon unit with carbon atoms and where ROH is an alcohol or a mixture of at least two different alcohols and where x has a range of about 1.

Then, mg of the catalyst of Example 1 were flushed in with more propylene, yielding a total monomer feed propylene and ethylene to the reactor of g. This metallocene topology affords high melting point, very high molar mass homo polypropylene and lummmus high molar mass propylene-based copolymers.


This test-method measures lummsu maximum force required to separate a test strip of material containing the seal. Furthermore, compared to the compositions of EP B1, the balance between the SIT and the level of extractables is better in the present invention, and compared to EP B1, the levels of extractables and the SITs are lower in the compositions of the present invention.

I found Clariant through a search engine. Low-crystalline propylene random copolymer composition, process for production thereof, and composite laminated polypropylene structure. This limits large-scale production of such compositions to specialty processes as described in EP B1 and in [P. The results are listed in Table nocolen.

The specimen was novloen loaded in machine direction lujmus pneumatic grips 80 psi and run on tester.

Coating, laminating or coextruding a substrate film with a film made of a heat-sealable resin yields a heat sealable film. Dwell time was 0.

The metallocene compound Aand also the metallocenium-ion-forming compounds Bcan be used in solution, particular reference being given to aromatic hydrocarbons having from 6 to 20 carbon atoms, in particular xylenes and toluene. More preferred, a metallocene compound A of the catalyst system used for the polymerization of the composition of the present invention, use is made of at least one compound of the formula II below. The temperature dependent seal strength data of examples 16 to 24 are given in Table 6.

Particularly preferred is a process that uses a reactor cascade of two reactors, wherein the polymerizations in both reactors are carried out in the gas phase.

The disclosure relates to a method for modifying the rheology of a polymer and a polymeric composition obtained by the method. A film having at least one layer fabricated from the composition of claim 1.


This example illustrates the polymerization of polymer components to prepare a blend not in accordance with the present invention.


However, it is preferable for the propylene polymer compositions not to be polymerized separately. Comparative Example 36 Example 1 was lumums with the exception that instead of the metallocene rac-dimethylsilanediyl 2-methyl para-tert-butyl-phenyl -indenyl 2-isopropyl para-tert-butyl-phenyl zirconiumdichloride, the metallocene rac-dimethylsilanediylbis 2-methyl-indenyl zirconiumdichloride was used.

Determination of Xylene Solubles: It also identifies the mode of specimen failure. High performance Ziegler-Natta catalyst systems, processes for producing such catalyst systems, and use thereof.


lumnus Films were made from the pellets of Examples as described above. It strengthens our competitive position in a market with future perspectives and strong growth rates. The catalysts also comprises at least one metallocenium-ion-forming compound B as the cocatalyst.

The following experimental procedures were performed: Y is an element of the 1st to 6th main group or of the 1st to 8th subgroup of the Periodic Table, Q 1 to Q z are radicals with a single negative charge, such as C 1 -C 28 -alkyl, C 6 lummu 15 -aryl, alkylaryl, arylalkyl, haloalkyl, haloaryl with in each case from 6 to 20 carbon atoms in the aryl radical and from 1 to 28 carbon atoms in the alkyl radical, C 3 -C 10 -cycloalkyl, which may be unsubstituted or substituted with C 1 -C 10 -alkyl groups, or are halogen, C 1 -C 28 -alkoxy, C 6 -C 15 -aryloxy, silyl or mercaptyl, a is an integer from 1 to 6, z is an integer from 0 to 5, and d is the difference a-z, and is greater than or equal to 1.

This makes the present invention exhibit the best balance of SIT and level of hexane extractables compared to prior art.