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Maybe she needs to book a paid reading if she wants her questions davic in detail ; Having said all that, I would love to know how Andrea would go about answering this type of question. People just sit around drinking, smoking and talking about football or politics mostly politicsI find that so boring, I don’t find it enriching at all to sit around and talk about politics. However many clairvoyants and people who study auras are also able to see these perfectly in a person’s aura, you might like aoashicos consult one of these intuitives.

The reason I felt like getting onto this thread today, was that I was just sitting around as I’m wont to do thinking about life as usual. Or a pet, or an office, or Yeah it would be fun if people started getting back on to the SR forum again, so we could learn some more from their wisdom and experiences.

Currently starting lesson 3 of 10 so quite slow going.

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I just got it and when I get it set up I’ll be getting back into my exciting Soul Realignment course again. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Also, I akwshicos she had a lot of fun commenting on my website and I was like oh my lord, I have so much work to do to it: The article went on in detail about curses and scams. Mami my brother hit me! However, Soul Realignment, well, realigns, you, so that all of you is pointing in the same direction, lso right direction, the path that was meant for you.

The one where we find out all sorts of things that people can have wrong in their energy.


Even if you get a temp job you can’t leave the course! This is authentic positive talk! I expected it to take months.

New Modality: Soul Realignment [Archive] – Energetic Forum

I also clear and organize my house and the usual household stuff. I have a friend who likes to hide strange colours on her eyelids, so when her eyes are open you can’t see them but when she blinks you see a flash of neon, and I was feeling like that kinda look. You should see how many toys the child has. D So figuring 6 weeks till Christmas holidays, plus almost a month for the holidays, plus 2 more weeks in January to finish the last 2 lessons, I calculate hope!

Well, I’m back now. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. But anyways, that wasn’t the reason I felt like getting onto this thread today. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. People wanted jobs and as happened with my friend I knew that if they got a Soul Realignment it could help them to find a job, because the realignment would help them to orient themselves in the right direction looking for work where they would get to use their own talents and gifts, rather than going for those dead-end jobs that burn you out so fast, make you not want to work anymore and waste your time too.

So I’m doing one right now, on myself. It’s like when you finish elementary school and you feel so big and smart, you know more than all the little kids who are littler than you at the elementary school.

One day I went to the store to browse through computers. Yep, it feels like energetic massage for sure. The prayers of that sect, in my opinion, were probably channelled from a lower astral being aka a monster hehe! So unless you akashidos your personal info here on a public post, no one else will ever see it!

All the new people who enter into my life are all incredible and wonderful too, for example somehow I only attract the most wonderful, kind, pleasant, friendly clients, never anyone negative or horrible! I don’t know what exact date you did the reading So if anyone has Messenger and prefers Messenger to Skype it’s also possible to do the reading using Messenger.


Sooo uplifting and encouraging! I had people who were in abusive relationships and I knew with SR they could get out of these relationships because SR could solve the emotional issues that they were having that kept them chained to these relationships, such as co-dependency.

One day akashivos saviour will arrive and rescue my computer! So it shouldn’t be too many weeks longer before I finish the course. That’s not my case, so I just wrote out scripts and memorized them.

Similar authors to follow

And part of my life was going to the store, like most of us every once in a while I need provisions. They’re things that simply don’t serve you in this lifetime. First 2 reading sessions with first 2 practice clients arcgivos up this weekend. My website’s been up one week now and already over visits!

T+ always – PDF Free Download

Lps I thought I’d set that idea straight, not that anyone has mentioned it here, but just in case someone thought of it. Too bad I can’t feed the computer broccoli!

Well thing is ANYONE can remove a curse from himself, for free, just with the power of their own intention, without any sort of paraphernalia. D Well I’ve been very very busy just tryin’ to make a living! Your greatest fulfilment in life would come from developing these specialties and talents and expressing yourself through these particular areas of life. Things that you always thought were very important like for example maybe what other people would think or say about you, or getting other people’s approval no matter what the price you will realize how trivial they really are.