Posted on December 28, 2019


This week, we have been reading, analyzing, and discussing the script and movie Looper, written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot. This week: Looper. You may download the script — free and legal — here. Written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot summary: In Looper has certainly been a hot topic of conversation here at NFS, whether it’s writer/director Rian Johnson discussing how budget doesn’t.

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Three stories up, Seth’s darkened window.

Read Rian Johnson’s Original Treatment For LOOPER |

Kid Blue sits on the curb, smoking a cigarette. The shot catches Old Joe square in the back, and the impact blows him forward. A little manipulating, and the image is rewinding. And I can find him with this.

He was sent back here by the mob, a one way ticket, to run the Loopers. Kid Blue pulls a small caliber gun from a holster concealed on his boot, enters the building. JOE It’s an interesting question, I’ve just lost a lot of blood today. Pulls Old Joe’s torn paper from his pocket. And for just one split second, Joe’s face slackens, and his finger eases on the trigger.


SARA That’s my house. Old men speaking French. JOE I’ve got a life ahead of me that’s mine and I’m not giving it up for you or anybody Seth pulls the sack off the man’s head.

It plays out again. I knew then what he did so I don’t know why I asked.

Script Analysis: “Looper” — Part 1: Scene By Scene Breakdown

Joe weakly grabs her ankle. And once I knew it was him He turns – sees Kid Blue leaning in the shadows. Joe in the corn field, in his stance, ready to draw. She briskly walks back towards the house, but slows.

‘Looper’ Screenplay Available For Your Consideration

Deep in the swarming dark. ZACH Suck one, kid!

Leaving Joe with a torn-off top sheet. Rips his shirt open bloody, blows him back screaming.

Read Rian Johnson’s Original Treatment For LOOPER

On the door this time. To download a PDF of the breakdown, go here. No no no no!

  COSMO 2010 4N35 PDF

Navigates menus and windows, information flashing, searching. BEAT It’s hard to make eye contact with you. Old Joe in bed. Circling back to where we started, reading scripts is hugely important. So take some corn and move riaj, but if you show your face again I will cut you the fuck in half. Joe breathes hard, bleeding in the dirt with a shotgun in lokper nose.

Not doing so hot. Pained, Joe lies still, breathing hard.