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Leninism Under Lenin has 47 ratings and 8 reviews. Paul said: Narrates the terrain of Leninist politics in a refreshingly undogmatic fashion. Liebman is. Marcel Liebman was a historian of socialism and of communism. Reviews “ From Leninism Under Lenin there emerges a living and eminently. Leninism Under Lenin [1] is a serious and useful work. By dismantling these myths Liebman renders a service to the cause of historical truth, and, Marcel Liebman, Leninisme sous Lenine, 2 vols., Paris, Seuil,

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This seems to me beyond dispute.

Engels had, in fact, explained in exactly the same way the victory of the French revolution ofin which the revolutionary dictatorship of the Jacobin petty-bourgeoisie against the big bourgeoisie was necessary in order that the bourgeois-democratic revolution might be carried through to completion.

Why was the Bolshevik Party in no longer this revolutionary party? But then he quickly plunges into an analysis which does no more than liebkan the contradictory elements in the evolution of events between andso that he is unable to provide any real explanation of what happened. The modern proletariat is homogeneous neither in its origins nor in its functions, nor in its remuneration standard of livingnor in the degree to which it is permeated by bourgeois ideology.

Return to Book Page. One can argue whether or not this was correct. Feb 21, rated it really liked it. But class-consciousness results, precisely, from the transcending of everything that is corporatist, narrow, partial and fragmentary in the consciousness of the working people. As the author notes: Both of them stumble when they come up against theoretical problems of decisive importance. Or could it be that 4 the delay in the coming of proletarian revolutions in the West is indeed due to subjective causes, meaning, very largely, the delay in the application of Leninismthrough the liebmaj of the Communist International?


The whole argument is thus stood on its head the gradual weakening of the proletariat leads to its increased political passivity, which in turn leads to the wielding of power by the bureaucracy. Indeed, Lenin refers explicitly to this historical precedent.


Liebman is an advocate of Lenin, but documents clearly that “Lenin’s party” had to overcome its sectarian past in order to navigate the terrain of John Mullen rated it really liked it Mar 17, The Communist International could likewise have been kept at its role of working to promote the victory of the proletarian revolution as and when revolutionary situations occurred in one country or another.

Kristofer Dubbels rated it it was amazing Jul 24, Translated by Brian Pearce. Thus there is a striking similarity between the masterly biography of Trotsky by Isaac Deutscher and the present work, written by an author who feels himself to be, in some ways, a disciple and successor of Deutscher.

It is true that the Bolshevik Party forbade factions at the Tenth Party Congress in Marcha time of mortal danger. In reality, today as ina Marxist like Liebman is still faced with a limited number of possibilities.

Liebman and Leninism

Why were these revolutions not successful? This Lenin, more complex and contradictory than the maleficent devil of lenn and the flawless hero of others, is closer to reality and also, it must be leninis, markedly more human and attractive than the legendary figures who are so often presented to us as substitutes.

On the one hand, by deepening his study of imperialism, Lenin came to the conclusion that, in the setting of a world market which had reached the stage of monopoly capitalism, Russian capitalism was doomed to remain under the domination of international finance-capital, and therefore could not but continue to be cramped, maimed and underdeveloped, with a state power that was reactionary and barbarous.

Bogdan rated it it was amazing Aug 25, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Was the Communist International capable of becoming a leading revolutionary force in the proletariat of the West and the East? I find it strange that Liebman can manage to avoid coming down in favour of any one lenjnism these four possible answers.

Clearly separates Lenin from Stalin, without romanticizing Lenin’s role. The tragedy of the Bolshevik Party was that only a minority of its leaders and cadres appreciated the acuteness of the danger at the beginning of the s. All these questions are either formulated explicitly by Liebman or else are implicit in the successive chapters of his book.


To view it, click here. Secondly, that the agrarian revolution would lead to the rise of modern capitalism in country and town alike: Downloaded with thanks from the Socialist Register Website.

Bundy rated it really liked it Sep 03, undet That a revolutionary working-class party cannot attain a high level of effectiveness in a period when the revolution is on the ebb and the masses are passive is almost self-evident. First, that the rural petty-bourgeoisie was capable of forming an marcell political force which could ally itself as such with the party of the proletariat.

The chronological filiation of currents of thought including a large element of negation and transcendence in no way justifies such unwarranted formulations. Nov 14, Mirza Sultan-Galiev rated it liked it Shelves: Takami rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Want to Read saving….

Liebman’s thesis is rather underwhelming and is not quite as organically connected to his presentation of Leninism’s developments, reducing Lenin’s significance essentially to the dialectical intensity achieved by his practice.

Elliot Mears rated it really liked it Jan 04, This thesis may look attractive, but it will not stand up to critical examination.

An historian of socialism and of communism, he published a number of well known books, lenon on the Russian Revolution, Leninism and the history of the labour movement in Belgium. What, at bottom, was the mistake made by the Bolshevik leaders in ?

What we have here are events that changed the destiny of entire classes and of entire peoples. Leninism Under Lenin by Marcel Liebman. It’s a must read for anyone.