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GET FREE 40 PAGE TELUGU ASTROLOGY AND DETAILED ONLINE, Fastest FREE TELUGU HOROSCOPE online software available on. When you learn astrology you will be able to understand yourself and the jyothisham in telugu, telugu astrology predictions, online telugu. రోజువారీ జాతక ఫలితాలు, తెలుగు జాతకం, వధూవర గుణమేళనం, సంఖ్యాశాస్త్రం, రాశిఫలములు, పంచాంగం మరియు జ్యోతిష .

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For example, in this horoscope Jupiter and Mercury are in exchange Yoga, that is, Jupiter is in the house of Mercury and Mercury in the house of Jupiter.

Telugh way we see that to analyze the horoscope we interpret the house one by one, or interpret the house whose subject matter we want to know. Now consider 2nd house. Everyone is interested in online jathakam, astrology and bhavisyam, knowing what the future has in store. Approach Astrology as a Science Start learning the subject as a science.

It also indicates export and import, also feet. Your basic telugu jathakam, the chart in detail, prathamika vivaralu, the planet positions at the time of your birth or the rasi chakram and graha sthanam, major dasa change dates and the dasa bhukti beginning and end dates are all part of your telugu jathakam. It is the most malefic planet and very selfish and cunning.

Quick tips for learning Astrology

Sign In to earn Badges. Saturn and Rahu indicate good education for the native. Astrology is considered as an occult science, but is entirely mathematical as well as technical.

For any ascendant, some planets become Yogakaraka or maraka, depending upon the house they own.

Learning astrology is a fascinating discovery into our inner psyche and key to our self-awareness. Saturn gives a wife with fair complexion belonging to an orthodox family.


It is a way to integrate the different parts and pieces of our self and understand why we do what we do. They show different relationships with different planets. There is not just a single method, Astrology prediction methods are subdivided into many categories. Since the house is ruled by Mercury and its lord is in 5th house aspecting it, the native earns by intellect, but aspect of Mars from 8th house reduces profits into losses too.

More and more knowledge of Yogas makes a man better and better astrologer. It represents accidents, parental property, life insurance, mining and anus. First we see what are the planets posited in that house.

Rahu is an expansionist planet and represents smoke, mental disturbance, loss, theft, death of a family member. It represents death, politics, gas, aeroplanes poverty, servants, electronics and legs.

It signifies father, government, politics, management.

Quick tips for learning Astrology

Astrology is not a subject that can be understood on your own. How to Predict lern 6 The special effects in the horoscope can be seen lezrn looking at the various Yogas formed in the horoscope. The ePanchang jathakam in telugu, created for you provides you all details necessary for making predictions by any eminent astrologer. Called ‘Ayusthan’ it represents death, reasons of death, underground wealth, historical things and monuments. This position of the planets in the 12 rasis, called your online telugu jathakam, represents the life of the individual.

Reading published articles by expert Astrologers who are willing to share knowledge is one valuable source of learning Astrology. This is the most important benefit of preparing your birth jythisham.


So many planets in 4th house ensures comforts at home, but the malefics indicate one does not pay attention to home. Jyohisham to Spiritual Diary. This is one of the most important factor in prediction.


Its element is bronze and gem is emerald. Astrology has always been a subject of interest for many. So, learning more than one system at the same time should be avoided at all cost.

It does not harm until disturbed. Mars is a soldier and represents land, boldness, younger brothers and sisters, chemists, fire, anger, surgery. To predict horoscope, consider the houses one by one and see the planets placed in the house, the planets aspecting it, the placement of its lord and the planets aspecting it, or associated with the lord.

So the over all success is not at par with the work done by the native. It specifically signifies the head. A series of articles dealing with foundation principles of Astrology would serve the purpose better than reading a book. This gives native a working wife. How to Predict – 2 Now consider 2nd house. The lion is bold by nature and has confidence to win over anyone. Similarly in a horoscope we determine the Lagna first house position and place the rashi circle over the rest of the twelve houses.

This also gives knowledge of astrology and computers to the native. Once you have gotten the basic mechanics of your own chart down and you have started to gather together interpretations and follow your transits on a daily basis, you should start going through the same process with the charts of friends and family members who you know. High Level of Yogic Practice Tummo.