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La Historia Me Absolvera (Spanish Edition) [Fidel Castro] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La historia me absolverá: edición anotada. [Fidel – Castro] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Publication Date: ) Texto del discurso de. Fidel Castro, la historia me absolverá (Best Seller (Debolsillo)) (Spanish Edition) [Claudia Furiati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Having.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. They owe their lives to Captain Tamayo, an Army doctor and true soldier of honor who, pistol in hand, wrenched them out of the hands of their merciless captors and transferred them to the Civilian Hitoria. Not even the vestal virgins of Rome had to abide by such a rule! Where are our men who were captured July 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th?

Everything of this kind is an inevitable point of contact between him and the people and everything of this kind relates him to the present and future situation of the society in which he lives.

Where are our wounded? Leaving aside the problem of integral changes in the social system, not histofia on the surface of the public quagmire were we able to discern the slightest motion that could lessen the rampant putrefaction. Hjstoria opinion was respected and heeded and all problems of common interest were freely discussed. When there is an end to the embezzlement of government funds, when public officials stop taking graft from the large companies that owe taxes to the State, when the enormous resources of the country are brought into full use, when we no longer buy tanks, bombers mee guns for this country which has no frontiers to defend and where these instruments of war, now being purchased, are used against the peoplewhen there is more interest in educating the people than in killing them there will be more than enough money.

But if blind to this sad truth, a minority of soldiers had decided to fight the people, the people who were going to liberate them from tyranny, victory still would have gone to the people.


How naive we were not to foresee this! It is foolish to imagine that the salary a soldier receives from the State – a modest enough salary at that – should resolve the vital problems imposed on him by his needs, duties and feelings as a member of his community.

His regime merely brought with it a change of hands and a redistribution of the loot among a new group of friends, relatives, accomplices and parasitic hangers-on that constitute the political retinue of the Dictator. But no one ke ever think of Barriguilla as a revolutionary.

It was not the revolutionaries who were judged there; judged once and forever was a man named Batista – monstruum horrendum! The meager material means at our disposal was all that prevented sure success. Pagliery nor I were willing to tolerate such dirty spying upon our means of defense for the oral trial.

After Batista spoke fifty more were massacred. He had to add the treason of March,the crimes of July,and all the millions that only time will reveal.

La Historia Me Absolvera () – IMDb

The Honorable Prosecutor’s famous little article hardly deserves a minute of my time. It became the manifesto of his 26th of July Movement.

Furthermore, if there is in this world a people that utterly abhors favoritism and inequality, it is the Cuban people. Since the prosecutor’s petition was restricted abaolvera the mere reading of five lines of an article of the Social Defense Code, might laa suppose that I too would limit myself to those same lines and circle round them like some slave turning a millstone?

History Will Absolve Me

This is not the criterion of a philosopher, as it cannot be that of a cultured man. They all but claim that the people support the dictatorship; they do not know how offensive this is to the brave Orientales.

By the end wbsolvera the week the number of dead had risen to more than 80 men.

He increases the Army’s power of oppression and killing but does not improve living conditions for the soldiers. They will grow up with rickets, with not a single good tooth in their mouths by the time they reach thirty; they will have heard ten million speeches and will finally die of misery and deception.

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Why did they violate all procedural laws and ignore so scandalously the rulings of the Court? I know that jistoria of the soldiers are indignant at the absolveta assassinations perpetrated. This was so true that a group of women almost succeeded in subverting Camp Columbia. Since then, as everyone knows, even Cardinal Arteaga himself was not spared such treatment.

What great shame the people have been forced to endure so that a small group of egoists, altogether indifferent to the needs of their histoira, may find in public life an easy and comfortable modus vivendi. My argument is meant simply to demonstrate what a false and erroneous position the Judicial Power has adopted in the present situation.


I ask that my right to express myself be respected without restraint. The revolutionaries must proclaim their ideas courageously, define their principles and express their intentions so that no one is deceived, neither friend nor foe.

It was this province that sparked the fight for independence for thirty years and paid the highest price in blood, sacrifice and heroism. Military parades and the pompous display of machines of war are used to perpetuate this myth and to create a complex of absolute impotence in the people.

From that moment on, all the accused were thoroughly searched from head to foot before they were brought into the courtroom. The terrain was completely unknown to us. They were visibly embarrassed. During the trial, public outrage at the treatment of the prisoners was seriously diminishing Batista’s standing among the population.