Posted on February 18, 2019


NOTE. You must enable communication through VPN in Traffic Rules before start configuring the Kerio VPN Server. For more information refer to Configuring. Manual TCP/IP configuration on the firewall host Network setup and Kerio WinRoute Firewall Deployment – This section describes basic TCP/IP configuration. 45 4 Example of Kerio VPN configuration: company with a filial office. where Kerio Control is installed (typically C:\Program Files\Kerio\WinRoute Firewall).

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In the Users section, you can select the new domain and display all users from the Open Directory domain. Kerio Control NG Series. If Kerio Control is not a member of a domain, the hostname will be only control. Double-click Translation in the selected rule. This pairing can be customized — you can match each network interface from the imported configuration with one interface of the firewall or leave it unpaired.

Type a name of the new tunnel. Enter you email address and your Samepage password.

If the DNS module knows firewal local domain example. For more details, read article Configuring URL groups. The automatic configuration of browsers may take several hours. You will be informed that a new version was downloaded in the administration interface. If you want to change the hostname, use the following steps: In section Users, click Template.

Examining Kerio Control Traffic Rules

There is a default traffic policy rule which should be enabled. Type a mask of the appropriate subnet. When fireewall rules are evaluated they are processed from the top downwards and the first matched rule is applied. This bandwidth will be always available, regardless of the current traffic load on the link. This connection back-up is launched automatically whenever failure of the primary connection is detected.


Let us use Denial of Service intrusion as an example — too many connections are established on a port to use up the system resources of the server application so that no other users can connect. Categorization of all pages is necessary for statistics of the categories of visited web pages.

Check that Enable DNS cache for faster responses to repeat queries is enabled.

Unified Threat Management Without Complexity

Follow the instructions on the virtual appliance console to perform the basic configuration. Requirements of the statistics The following conditions must be met for correct function of all statistics: Enter the security code displayed in the picture.

Statistics settings also affect monitoring of volume of transferred data against user quota. This component lets managers and admins view firewwll Internet and application activities of individual users — from a list of all sites visited, to the specific search terms users enter on search engines and websites.

If the value is too low, the system can be unreliable users who do not use P2P networks might be suspected. The branch office filial. Check that Enable the DNS forwarding service is enabled.


Configuring interfaces A configuration wizard is available for the setup of basic interface parameters: Microsoft MSN Messenger to winfoute the firewall and make a request for mapping of appropriate ports from the Internet for the particular host in the local network. Enabling certain users to access the Internet Assuming that this problem applies to a private local network and Internet connection is performed through NAT.

Type the username and password. This enables more complex combinations of rules — e. In the Add Route dialog, define winroyte network, mask and description.

Figure 12 The Paris filial — routing configuration for the tunnel connected to the headquarters At this point, connection should be established i. Access rights and email reports Access to statistics and email reporting can be set by simple rules. The web interface can be accessed by several methods, depending on whether connecting from the Kerio Control host locally or from another host remotely.

Select Use existing virtual harddisk. Figure 4 The Content Rules tab 2. Manage multiple Kerio Control deployments through a centralized web interface providing consolidated system information, automatic configuration backup, status monitoring, system notifications and complete remote configuration.

Customize traffic rules according to the restriction requirements.