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They were inseparable – until the day they jumped. Ruth, saved by safety nets, leaves the city. Kari, saved by a sewer, crawls back into the fray of living. Kari features a lesbian woman as its central protagonist. It is a work of art by the exceptionally talented graphic novelist – Amruta Patil. But Kari. Amruta Patil, India’s first female writer-graphic novelist, is quick to counter the trite summary of her debut from Harper Collins, Kari, as a.

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My visual influences include: When they did make eye contact, it was to get directions to the restroom.

Kari: A Graphic Novel About Lesbianism and Big-City Love | Feminism In India

It is important to set the record straight. My MFA thesis show consisted of images from this body of work, and it’s time to start working on it again. The book is very raw – I was working on instinct. What it does is provide a lens or perspective, which changes the way she views both herself and society. In this city, no one talks.

Although Kari is a graphic novel, my analysis has been mostly limited to the text and not the visual aspect to it. There are socio-cultural and political meanings encoded within them. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are few women comic artists the world over – the paucity is not restricted to India.

She exposes the construct that is sexuality and the performative aspect to it.

The only thing that has remained consistent from to is the physical form of the character — none of the early illustrations form part of this work, nor does any early writing. If you found this website helpful, please support it lari making a donation: Visually striking Indian graphic novel about a young queer woman experiencing heartbreak and sort of building friendships in an unnamed ‘smog city’.


Jabberwock: Amruta Patil and Kari: a short Q&A

Yet, a sense of inbetweenness never leaves her character. It is amazing how much Patil packs into a book this slim. Toxic monogamy culture displays signs of codependency which manifests in ways that have invariably toxic outcomes. Figs are dark creatures too, skins purple as loving bruises. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is where its greatest strength patll.

There is the long-distance relationship with her parents; the spiked, needy, irritating yet sustaining nature of female friendships in her interactions with Billo and Delna; the more ambivalent friendship with Lazarus, who pines away for a distant girlfriend but is not above writing the odd embarrassingly awful love poem for Kari.

Barsa By Kadeeja Mumtas. Kari mentions how she was infatuated with K. I liked the use of colour, and the ironical touches, such as the poster of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge a film that stands for tradition values and societal approval in the background when Kari and Ruth — lesbian lovers — first meet.

I rowed towards the house of the West, where the dead sleep. Sep 20, Patiil Beniwal rated it it was ok Shelves: Great example of a really good idea patll how to use amrutaa new medium- Graphic novels- to show a new slice of life in modern Indian; but without any story underneath it. Mar 26, Neha rated it it was ok Shelves: As a boatman, you learn to row clean through the darkest water.

Despite, being in a state of flux with herself at no point does Kari not extend help to paatil that are misunderstood, vulnerable or helpless.

Kari: A Graphic Novel About Lesbianism and Big-City Love

Had attended a talk by her where she spoke about pafil she illustrates and her thought process behind the work. These things can be troubling. Amruta Patil Indian Comics Strips. Mapping the Everyday Production of Gender- Space. The relations between butch-femme couples are far more dynamic, despite the general criticism around them that suggest that they function like a heterosexual relationship. The manner in which her own path to understanding her sexuality, makes her occupy and negotiate with spaces and situations lends itself to certain theoretical frameworks within queer theory.


Kari narrates by saying: At other times, a darker commentary, encompassing both the huddled, poor masses and their involuntary observers, takes shape:.

And it is these little episodes that define her being and her existence as a social entity in a suffocating “smog city”. I became aware of them in my twenties. Working in a medium that combined both the disciplines seemed like an obvious way to go. Jun 04, Manish rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book is largely done in black charcoal but there are pages of full color painting, and even mixed media collages.

Not recommended if you are expecting too much or something new. Full review on Just Another Bookaholic English edition French edition Italian edition m Selected reviews of Kari: An Introduction 7 Patil, Amruta. This morbid beginning, suggests more than it lets on.

There are various restrictions and silent rules in the manner in which women are meant to behave, travel and engage with the city. I have mostly borrowed from Western theorists such as Julia Kristeva, Judith Butler patip others for the purpose of this essay. The novel chronicles her struggles amrua her life and her imaginary?

Overall a good look at the various relationships in Kari’s life. The project has changed me, keeps on changing me. Unlike in India, where the book was taken for its content, in the West I am continually met with the question about autobiography.

It is an appalling thing, this watching. This is more of a general statement on the overall evolution of feminism.