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According to Kalachakra Astrology, your basic constitution is determined at the time of birth. With the first breath the biological cycles begin which regenerate the . Kalachakra Dasa was originally taught by Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati and that conversation was later recounted by Maharshi Parasara to his. “There is another dasa called Kalachakra dasa, which is the most respectable of all dasa systems”. Kalachakra literally means “the wheel of.

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In this Kalachakra the Nakshatras will go in a counter clockwise order. The Moon is always visible, like the conscious mind always seen. This cycle is divided in 12 sections, called the signs of the zodiac. There are many controversies regarding its computation. The Rasa Ayurvedic practitioner’s first objective is to understand kalzchakra nature or constitution of the patient.

The general explanation of the signs is similar to the Western system.

Improper performance could result in problems for the family, as well as for the deceased. What is visible is what is outside, on the outer level.

It can be divided into three main sections. Deha and Jeeva Rasis In Error! Also, years are alternatingly male or female. Mercury Respiratory system, lungs, skin.

Tibetan Astro-Science, TibetdomaniRome, Saturn Skeletal system, spleen The Seven Planets work for our nourishment, development and regeneration. This can be seen in the Kalachakra ashrology the external layer, the middle level and the internal level.


Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike kalacnakra. Parasara said that Lord Shiva explained this dasa to Goddess Parvati.

The Tibetans started to adopt the 60 year cycle inas it was taught both in the Kalachakra tantra and the Chinese tradition. Then the inner most center is the Mandala kalachalra Great Bliss. Each day, month and year, the Mewas move.

Analogous to above, India was known as the ‘white area’ and gave rise to the term ‘white astrology’.

Kalachakra Dasa Demystified (Part1)

As each sequence corresponds to one Pada, some scholars argue that the balance of Dasa applies to the entire cycle. In a Tibetan village, the astrologer would use his skills to advise people about nearly everything: View Site Map main pages only.

As a year is longer than days, some days are doubled, but others are skipped in a complicated manner. The innermost section of the Kalachakra is called the Fortress of Durga.

Time and Astrology

Dasa of a rasi gives the natural results of the rasi. Find out what you can do. The focus is no longer on mind, but it is on the real happenings. In that sense, Vimsottari dasa and Narayana dasa show the same events. The constitution determines a person’s basic body type, sensitivities and personality.


Over the centuries, a difference of almost a complete sign has accumulated. It concerns not only divination, but it is also used in the study of time cycles, Tibetan chronology and the compilation of the calendar. Results of gatis leaps Leap Savya nakshatras Apasavya nakshatras Lion Fear of animals, loss of friends, distress to near relations, fall in dungeons, danger from poison and weapons, fall from a vehicle, fever, destruction of house Death of father or elders, loss of position Monkey Loss of wealth, agriculture and animals, death of father or elders Danger from water, distress to father, loss of position, anger of rulers, wandering in the forests Frog Distress to relatives, elders and father, trouble from poison, weapons, enemies, thieves.

Energy going to Nivritti, the Rakshasi, is bad. Western astrology follows the cycles of the sun related to the seasons, and the Tibeto-Indian system follows the cycles of the sun related to the stars, and there is a small difference between these two. So those are the Dasas. These represent the equivalent of the Chinese pa-kua, which form the basis of the I Ching.