Posted on April 9, 2019


Not only in the structures by which it seeks to comprehend the universe, but also in the structures of the science itself, astrology is remorselessly hierarchical. An extracted chapter from John Frawley’s classic book ‘The Real Astrology’, in which he explores the philosophy of electional astrology and demonstrates its. John Frawley has recently published his third book The Horary Textbook – sure to be an international best seller. His first book, The Real Astrology, received.

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If you don’t want to hear the answer, you shouldn’t ask the question. Saturn, obviously, gives a respect for tradition; frawlley awareness that you can’t just make it up for yourself, or take it from someone who thinks they just have, and a willingness to accept the discipline of learning how to do it properly, rather than adopting the popular attitude of “it doesn’t work for me, so I’ll dream up johhn own method”.

So he has now reduced his window of opportunity to January He would have been particularly pleased to note the favourable connections between his elected chart and Elizabeth’s nativity. Going back to football, and this approach of taking the chart for the kick-off as signifying the nature of the match. If I build on the hilltop, the views are wonderful but it’s a long way to the shops; if I build in the valley, I’ll be close to the shops but the materials I have don’t accord with the local building regulations.

It would have been preferable, he no doubt thought, to have this conjunction above the horizon, especially in the tenth house; but its position here would do quite nicely and would ensure the nation kept tolerably solvent. I would say so. As for spectacular failures – like everyone else I thought Princess Diana would get married again and have children.

Are there any things that you might see in a horary that you wouldn’t tell the person? I don’t see that anyone really fralwey a toss about who holds on to the Ashes per se – it’s a purely nominal thing.

Electional Astrology by John Frawley

The beauty about horary is that it’s very black and white, it’s difficult to impose your preconceptions on the chart. John Frawley has recently published his third book The Horary Textbook – sure to be an international best seller. And the favourite will not win all those matches.


At some point over the last few weeks, an elderly woman had gone out wearing a valuable shawl; she had hung it up somewhere but forgotten where. A client was planning to hold a garden party on a particular day in a couple of months time. If we do not know this, we are fighting in the dark.

I do not have a spare life that I can run as a control group. I’m very careful to make it clear that what I offer is just astrology. My attitude is very much that you ask at your own risk.

The astrological chart showed that they were still in the strong-room, just where they ought to be. No matter how happy my marriage or successful my business, maybe it would have been even better had it started at a farwley moment; no matter how disastrous, maybe it would have been even worse.

Frawley, John

And you get a very clear, unarguable answer. Invariably, if we take the time when this planet is strong, that one will frzwley weak; if we wait until that one is stronger, a third will have lost what power it had. This is one of the most malign indications in the heavens and would have to be handled with the greatest care to avoid building insurmountable difficulties into the elected chart.

Within modern astrological circles, indeed, the words ‘horary’ and ‘traditional’ are atrology or less synonymous, however much this misrepresents the vast depth of traditional astrology.

A few of those who master natal astrology will find their way to a study of horary, as if that small proportion who study maths at university were finally to be introduced to the multiplication tables.

I tend to look at astrological judgements and think, ‘Nah, that’s not going to happen! Is the issue here one of traditional versus modern astrology or is it more a case of you preferring horary to psychological work? It’s probably something to do with what Carter talks about his ‘doctrine of subsumption’, the idea that what happens is taken up into a larger destiny.

  DI LB604 PDF

Knowledge of this enabled her to make alternative arrangements. In our election we are providing, from the limited array at our disposal, the tools with which the enterprise must be carried out; we must be sure that the ones we provide are those that are most appropriate for both user and function. And they’ve both got very strong testimonies, in favour of both sides, which is unusual. Lilly would turn round clients in ten to fifteen minutes, and my aspiration is to do the same.

John Frawley (astrologer)

Meritra rated it really liked it Oct 24, His other interests include Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta. But although the Sun is weak there, Aquarius does have one appropriate virtue: If some shyster were to tempt us, “Buy a ticket, enter the race – you too could break the record,” we would rightly ignore him; that we misplace our hopes is a frawlwy in ourselves, not in astrology, and a prime purpose of the art is to reveal such illusions to us for what they are.

Other factors with which we can work include the selection of appropriate signs. I also find that my knowledge of football, my interest in it apart from astrology, obscures the issue as well.

He would also have paid much attention to the appropriate mundane charts. So this is why the real money options tend to get in the way a bit. He denied this – but went back, looked again and found them there. This will give us a list of usually five or six out of the possible seven planets that we want strong in our elected chart. For a recent show I was taken to a sports bar and filmed watching the European Cup Final.

By not judging the nativity first, we have done more harm than good. This is one of my top favorite astrology books.