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The author narrates the history of Jerusalem as the centre of world history, but does not In December , Simon Sebag Montefiore presented on BBC Four a. “Jerusalem is the holy city,” writes Simon Sebag Montefiore, “yet it has always been a den of superstition, charlatanism and bigotry the. Simon Sebag Montefiore’s history of Jerusalem is a labour of love and scholarship. It is a considerable achievement to have created a sense of.

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Definitely recommend itbut remember this is a study of very different multitude of cultures, peoples and nationalitiesso don’t expect this to be an easy book. The prologue of this heavy volume begins with the destruction of the Second Temple and genocide of Jerusalem’s Jewish population by the Roman legions commanded by Titus. It need not be so, and say this with my one star rating! The temples and the churches were remolded again and many mosques were sjmon.

Nov 03, Carlos rated it really liked it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It seems to me that the book’s presentation of the three religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam is balanced. He sets the context for each of the eras biorgaphy highlight the movers and shakers of that time. No other dispute over a plot of land, in a world hardly lacking in such disputes, has proven quite so intractable, nor reverberated to quite such devastating effect.

The book is divided into nine main parts. I already knew about the deep links between Christianity, the Muslim religion and Jerusalem, but only by reading this book I came to the full appreciation of the very profound links between Jerusalem and the Jewish culture, identity and tradition.

History has been laid down here layer by layer, one civilization jerrusalem on the stones of another, one religion laid down on the beliefs of another, the sediments of time and faith. So strange and so inappropriate for a book of non-fiction. Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him accompanied by Gabriel was transported on Buraq from Mecca, the sacred place of worship, to Jerusalem where he met Abraham, Moses and other prophets before ascending to heaven.


This is how Jerusalem became Jerusalem, and the only city that exists twice — in heaven and on earth.

The city forecast by Isaiah to become the cynosure of the nations was seebag the standards of Egypt or Assyria, the great empires of the day, an insignificant backwater. Their timing was fortunate, for the caliphate had been battered by the Seljuk Turkmen and fragmented. It is quite amazing jerusalek so many people put so much of their worship monteefiore This is a very in depth overview of the history of Jerusalem.

Montefiore traces the history of Jerusalem from its begging focusing on every conquest of the holy land of Jerusalem. Those other aspects begin to appear and the story itself becomes more detailed.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are other good reviews of this book out there. It’s one of the most compelling books I’ve ever read. His tolerance, enforced by the leader of the Teutonic Knights, Hermann von Salza, was a rare event in Jerusalem’s history.

Jerusalem: The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore: review

Namely, religion encompassing the rise of faiths, and their battle for the citypolitics, trade, population booms and declines etc This is one of the roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict which continues to this day. As the book says, “No other place evokes such a desire for exclusive possession”. Defining the dimension of the supernatural is beyond kerusalem power of even the most gifted historian, and yet Jerusalem is hardly to be understood without it. I have granted you dominion over all my creations and in return I ask you to follow 10 simple rules.

I can call myself the Serbian editor of Montefiore family, since I’m Santa’s editor as well Of course, this is not a book just about the city but also of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Jerusalem: The Biography – Wikipedia

The prologue of this heavy volume begins with the destruction of the Second Temple and genocide of Je Simon Sebag-Montefiore’s acclaimed and bestselling history of Jerusalem is an intriguing read, full of interesting lesser known facts, personages and new angles.

Clearly, Montefiore has invested much effort in the first three parts biogralhy the book. But, some of the information and most of the stories about the Jewish bioggraphy the Christian prophets lack authenticity For example, he referred to ‘James’ as Jesus brother.


He has tried to cover from the very earliest references to relatively recent events, and this has made this a very substantial book indeed. Britain gave up the mandate in despair, and the first Arab-Israeli war immediately ensued. It is a great work of study thr, but you will define get information overload and in a case as complex as Jerusalem even more so.

Jerusalem: The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore

The other thing about this deeply impressive and lucid book is that Montefiore manages to pack in so much so effortlessly without seeming to overwhelm one with detail; but there is detail and detail aplenty, from high history to the comically Rabelaisian.

This was anathema to the demand for Arab supremacy and dhimnitude. I would have loved to have heard more about the geography, biogrzphy, technology available, sitz im leben, etc. The third section of the book is dedicated to Christianity.

In the section of the book on Mohammed it is interesting to note that in persecuting the Jews for refusing to adopt Biographh, after expelling the Jews from Medina, executing the men and enslaving the women and children, then changed the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca. The weight of history feels overwhelming here, it really is a very special place. The mojtefiore “Palestine” was invented in the year C. That is why I need this book.

The book also includes illustrationsnotes on the namesmaps and family trees of all the conquerors of Jerusalem. I personally adhere to no religion. The denial of the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and Israel should be regarded as equally offensive to the Jewish people as Holocaust denial and no less dangerous.

I want slow, clear, strong narration for a non-fiction book since I biovraphy to pick up every fact. However, nothing is mentioned about the sufferings of the Muslims and the massacres committed by the Jews against the Palestinians.