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It’s a thin line between love and hate. When it shatters, watch out As a teen, Sydney Boyle’s crush on her foster parents’ son—despite their six-year age. All about Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Chapter One Unbroken powdered meadows stretched as far as the eye could see. Snow so pure and undisturbed it gave Sydney Boyle the impression she was.

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And then Sean flicked a glance toward Sydney. A damp spot on his jeans when they parted would be the ultimate humiliation. He fisted his hands to keep from reaching for her. It would soon be snowing again.

Instead of us getting to know each other, building a relationship, we might be setting up house together. Sean pushed his fingers through his hair.

Review: Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade – Under the Covers Book Blog

His toes hugged the bottom of the Jacuzzi. She tasted of honey and wine and a promise of a night in heaven.

If they were going to work together, they would have to solve their differences, and he had to get his head back into the game. Lists with This Book. Gauging by the way his hips shifted and that something sinfully wedged itself between her thighs—her bare thighs to be exact—she was in trouble. As she continued to glare at him, he felt his temper spark. Keeping her distance is pretty tough, now that Sean is the head of the family publishing company.


Her inner muscles contracted around him, squeezing and throbbing. When their eyes met, her embarrassment matched his. Her mouth was so dry she doubted a gallon of water could satisfy her. He leveled a glare on Justin. She loved Sean—and he loved her. I liked the chemistry and the conflict between Sean and Sydney.

Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade – FictionDB

His breath caught, tearing mackemzie lips apart. She snapped her gaze to the rearview mirror and just as quickly irresiztible to Cameron. Worse, no one involved in that fateful night seems to want to let the past die an ugly death. Anna rated it did not like it May 26, Sydney shook her head. But it’s easy enough to get over once you get into the story.

His warm palm smoothed across her back. No clients or customers.

A warm palm slid across her back and grasped an ass cheek, squeezing, and something stirred beneath her. You have five, six, maybe seven glasses of champagne? Sucking precious air bu her lungs, she desperately attempted to hold on to her control. But his presence had always left her befuddled. The hero is sexy as hell, very alpha, and well… Irresistible!


Review: Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade

In fact, my family says I have an unnerving cackle cutting through the waves–similar to a witch! This story is sweet and hot, so be sure to bring your change of panties!

Lips, supple and tantalizing, met his. He nipped her earlobe, and then eased back. In fact, Born and raised in Arizona, I guess you’d call me a desert rat. Thankfully, a year later he left for Harvard.

Maybe she had been too hard on Sean. She gazed into the eyes of the man she loved.