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Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It is one of the Savoy operas and is the seventh of. : Gilbert & Sullivan – Iolanthe / Forrester, Donkin, Stratford Festival: Maureen Forrester, Eric Donkin, Marie Baron, Paul Massel, Katharina Megli. Iolanthe. Brenda’s modified script. Iolanthe, or Oilanthe. MIDI Files. Click on one of them and it should start playing. These are the original titles, not Brenda’s.

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Into Parliament he shall go. Strephon approaches the Lord Chancellor, pleading that Nature bids him marry Phyllis. You and L Phyl. Well, you get some iolantye in the form of a doze, with hot eye- balls and head ever aching, But your slumbering teems with such horrible dreams that you’d very scrkpt better be waking ; For you dream you are crossing the Channel, and tossing like mad in a steamer from Harwich ; Which is something between a large bathing-machine and a scrip small second-class carriage ; And you’re giving a treat penny ice and cold meat iolnthe a party of friends and relations — They’re a ravenous horde, and they all come sxript board at Sloane Square and South Kensington stations ; And bound on that journey you find your attorney who started that morning from Devon ; He’s a bit undersized, and you don’t feel surprised when he tells you he’s only eleven.

Oh, madam, you cannot refuse to do this? Download the Vocal Score [6. You know my grandmother looks quite as young as my mother. From then on, it was always present in the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company ‘s touring repertory, being included in some part of every season until the company’s closure in It was subsequently published by the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society.


The peers beg her not to scorn them simply because of their ” blue blood ” “Spurn not the nobly born” and “My lords, it may not be”.

And I may say I feel the same: But I suppose I should say, ” My Sctipt. But such an award would be open to misconstruction, and therefore, at whatever personal inconvenience, I waive my claim.

Iolanthe (Operetta) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

Those who would separate us, woe betide! I’m yours for life, if you but choose. Charles d’Albert Waltz arr. In tendency To fall in love Resemble I The amorous dove?

Iolanthe: ‘It deserves to be as fruity as we can possibly make it’

The Lord Chancellor has no power over you. And who so fit to iolajthe in it — deny it if you can — As this verv great, this very good, and very gifted man?

De Belville was regarded as the Crichton of his age ; His tragedies were reckoned much too thoughtful for the stage ; His poems held a noble rank, although it’s very true That, being very proper, they were read by very few ; He was a famous painter too, and shone upon the line.

The principle is not easy to explain. Spurn not the nobly bom With love affected, Nor treat with virtuous scorn The well-connected. Scritp strikes at the root of the who fairy system. Jan 4 – Jan When next your Houses do assemble You may tremble. It’s our system ; it shortens the debates.

She approaches the Queen with head bent and arms crossed, lo. And what is he? Wings spring from Sentry’s shoulders. An illustrated booklet, A Parody on Iolanthewas written and published by D.

Then let’s rejoice with loud fal, lal, fal, lal, la I That Nature wisely does contrive fal, lal, la! Sxript by purchasing a copy of The Schirmer Vocal Score from a local music store, songs can be optionally added in the indicated places. You have my word for it. You’re a regular wreck, with a crick in your neck ; and no won- der you snore, for your head’s on the floor, and you’re needles and pins from your soles to your shins ; and your flesh is a-creep, for your left leg’s asleep ; and you’ve cramp in your toes, and a fly on your nose, and some fluff m your lung, and a feverish tongue, and a thirst sscript intense, and a general sense that you haven’t been sleeping in clover ; But the darkness has passed, and it’s daylight at last, and the night has been long — ditto, iolanthd, my song — and thank Goodness they’re both of them over!


This lady’s his — whatf Basses. Never, never, never, never- Faint heart never won fair lady.

Full text of “Iolanthe”

Full text of wcript Iolanthe ” See other formats Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves ilanthe it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online. Twenty-four I No one to look at you would think you had a son of twenty-foUr?

Young Strephon is the kind of lout We do not care a fig about. Once more thy vows are broken: And all is drear and dark, If thou shouldst need an ark, I’ll give thee one. Backed by our supreme authority, He’ll command a large majority.