Posted on May 15, 2019


Intuicell’s pitch was that its SON (self-optimising network) technology trawled mobile base station traffic data, and by analysing this, it could. Cisco Systems is planning to acquire Intucell in a bid to make its products more attractive to mobile operators as traffic volume on networks. Cisco Systems said it will pay $ million to buy an Israeli mobile networking startup, Intucell, that specializes in self-optimizing network (SON).

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Behind the Scenes at Sprint’s 5G ‘Split’.

Cisco Systems is going tobuyIsrael-based Intucell Systemsas the networking giant continues to enhance its network management capabilities. The Many Faces of Digital Transformation. In an interview with he Israeli business daily CalcalistSamet said that the company was seeking acquisitions and investments in Israeli companies operating in the areas of data security, datacentres, virtualisation, and cellular communications.

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Post a Comment Read 0. Earlier in the year Cisco bolstered its network management tools for service providers after it acquired the software business of Ihtucell. It also reinforces our commitment to service provider customers and strengthens our expertise in mobility. You will need a free account with each service to share an item via that service.

Cisco targets AT&T’s SON technology with $M purchase of Intucell | FierceWireless

SON technology performs multiple tasks, such as automatically detecting intcell a site is down and routing users to the next-best cell, or enabling cells to share bandwidth when network capacity is limited.

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For more Read up on the application of SON: Researchers find security risk ‘feature flaw’ in new firewalls – or did they? Netscout Video Resource Center.


Intucell Self Optimizing Network Solutions (SON) – – video dailymotion

Cisco is to spend nearly half a billion dollars in order to acquire mobile networking specialist Intucell. T says that it plans to deploy a network technology that can help identify when a cell tower is overloaded and support it with radio resources from nearby cell sites. How honeypot tech tricks hackers into chasing their own tails. Huawei Video Resource Center. In addition, the acquisition of Intucell furthers our long-standing commitment to cutting-edge innovation based in Israel”.

It can also detect when a site is down and reroute users to the next-best cell.

What’s next I wonder? Intucell, based in Ra’anana, Israel, intudell self-optimization network SON technology to improve 4G network performance. Telecom Innovators Video Showcase. Behind the Scenes at Sprint’s 5G ‘Split’.

Future of Cable Business Services. Getting to OTT 2. Israel’s startups are catching the eye of tech heavyweights When it comes to IT security, big tech firms keep looking to Israel for their next buy.

Cisco and Israel go way back, with the company’s first local acquisition taking place in And that’s exactly what Cisco got when it purchased Intucell. Car tech fast lane? The operator announced in February that it would deploy the optimization techniques on its network during the year ahead.

Internet of Things Car tech fast lane? Cisco’s history in Israel Cisco and Israel go way back, with the company’s first local acquisition taking place in Some hope the arrival of 4G networks will ease this capacity crunch, but this could be unlikely due to intuccell increasing number of devices and intucekl increasingly availability of rich data.


To rate this item, click on a rating below. And according to Yoav Samet, a Cisco director responsible for many of the company’s acquisitions, Cisco is actively on inhucell prowl for more Israeli companies. ihtucell

Cisco to Buy AT&T’s Favorite SON Startup

Why automobile makers are rushing to Israel. Last December for example it acquired BroadHopin a move to enhance its carrier networks portfolio. Partner Perspectives – content from our sponsors. Infographic Archive Sponsored Infographic Archive. Intucell, makes advanced self-optimising network SON software, a field that Cisco increasingly views as extremely important, so it is prepared to invest heavily.

The Future of Cable Business Services. Indeed, Cisco itself believes that global IP traffic will continue to grow tremendously going forward, as does analyst houses Ovum and IDC. When it comes to IT security, big tech firms keep looking to Israel for their next buy. Cisco is not averse to opening its cheque book to snap up suitable companies, and has been making a big play to beef up its network management credentials. Intel Capital’s secret sauce: In fact, according to Tal Slobodkin, responsible for the company’s acquisitions and investments in Israel, Cisco has so far invested in 20 Israeli start-ups besides the acquisitions.

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