Posted on July 22, 2019


Ilford ILFOTEC DD-X is a fine grain developer which gives full film speed. It produces negatives which are easy to print. Correctly exposed negatives developed. Ilford Ilfotec DD-X developer is an excellent fine grain developer which gives full film speed. Correctly exposed negatives developed in Ilfotec DD-X have a full. Negatives Developed in ILFOTEC DD-X Have a Full Range of Tones, with Depth in the Shadows, a Smooth Transition Through the Mid-tones and Bright.

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There are real treasures in our warehouse.

Paterson Super System dsx universal developing It produces grain so fine on my 6×9 negs, it is difficult to find even when using the best grain-focusing tool. And to keep your analogue camera alive we do our best to have a comprehensive range of films in stock for you every day.

The time now is Rated 5 dvx of 5 by Taylor from A great developer for medium speed film shooters! Ilford Multigrade developer 1l Content 1 Liter. A very predictable developer that yields great results. While once I prefered Rodinal – for reasons of economy I switched to X-tol and get comparable results.

Ilford ILFOTEC DD-X Developer (1 Liter) B&H Photo Video

Be the first to review this item. Kodak HC film developer 1l Content 1 Liter. It covers normal usage illford Ilford and Kentmere films and stand development for maximum speed with Delta film. I shoot a majority of my black and white on Ilford films, which makes my developing times consistent and my images always turn out great. Ilford Ilfostop ml Content 0. A new paper from Ilford: For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Rated 5 out of 5 by pyrobirk from Very easy to use for a novice I’ve only been developing film for a couple months, and have done about half a dozen rolls so far.


HC dil B ilfird another good winner.

Ilford Ilfotec DD-X 1l

If you find yourself shooting a majority of your black and white film on Ilford, then I would recommend this developer. I use a dilution ratio with all films rated E.

Now at more than 3 times the amount of films that’s a massive improvement in economy. Nov 15, It also gives excellent results when used with quality black and white films from other manufacturers. Our loss could be your gain.

I have used a handful of dxd black and white developers, all have had different results but all good in their own ways. Archival sleeves and pockets Archival ring binders and photo books Archival accessories. Page 1 of 2. Easy to mix and work. So as you can see illford not just a matter of N or N-1 etc.

Works for me, although I’m using it for rotary processing, so the volume of chems is small so economy isn’t a massive concern. We offer a broad range of photographic chemicals of well known and specialized manufacturer.


Aug 5, 9. DD-X has been specially developed for processing modern Ilford Delta films. I did however also move away from Ilford films and move over to Fomapan and have to say that Fomapan and D76 work for me.

I will probably continue to use it for my LF films otherwise I find it too expensive. They are only negative scans as I didn’t have time to wet print, but I hope they are of some use.

Ilford Rapid Fixer ml Content 0. Analogue film is the beating heart of every analogue camera.

Ilford DDX – Film and Darkroom User

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Rollei Black Magic wide mouth bottle Ilford FP4 35mm 36 exposures Content 1 piece. AP multiformat self-feed spiral Content 1 piece.