Posted on March 20, 2019


Black Kiss has ratings and 41 reviews. Ryan said: Had a lot of trouble getting through this one. And it wasn’t because of the very graphic content. T. Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) (): Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss is hardboiled, erotic tour-de-force now available from. Howard Chaykin’s controversial series sees a new life at Dynamite, bringing its sexed-up story of vampires, pornography and classic noir.

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Back then, there were issues, and I’m sure there will still be issues today. Practically nothing legal is off-limit. A black-and-white detective thriller that combined elements of Los Angeles P. Plus, its postmodern anti-hero, Reuben Flagg, was a horny, Jewish everyman rather than a super-character.

Oct 21, Asen rated it liked it.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss Digital Comics – Comics by comiXology

I agree with Ryan’s review from August 22, In fact, Vortex Comics’ usual printer refused to print the book due to its content.

Retrieved April 1, Well, let me just say that all the kias and violence and morally questionable behavior described above are made to look quaint and old fashioned by the story’s blood-soaked and utterly insane conclusion. As for plot structure, the climax builds for three chapters as bodies pile up for no real reason in one room.

Retrieved from ” https: As I’m writing this review, I still don’t know what rating I’ll give the book.


It seems clear to me that, just as American Flagg! While getting home blavk later than was expected will be good for Pollack, it will be very bad for his soon to be ex-wife and their three year old daughter. Each just seems chaaykin be meat for the grinder…so to speak.

This work is amazing! The only way he can do so is by solving the problem set in front of him. This is a beautiful book, Chaykin’s story crackles and purrs alternately like a seductress with a sidearm not knowing if she wants to kiss you or kill you.

But those beautiful bold lines are nice to see. However one of The Order, a young woman called Magda, wants Grove to only make her a vampire.

I’m still trying to figure out why. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Chaykiin quite graphic and marked by Chaykin’s customary Byzantine plots, but it’s still fun to experience. And it wasn’t because of the very graphic content.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss II Now Among the Most Forbidden Comics

Howard Chaykin’s groundbreaking series opened the floodgate for x-rated comics by respected cartoonists. None of them have enough depth to be either liked or disliked. Refresh and try again. Black Kiss is a hardboiled erotic American comic book limited series written and drawn by Howard Chaykinwhich was originally published in by Vortex Comics. When I returned to comics inafter being driven out by the then editor in chief at one of the major companies, I made a conscious decision to apply graphic design techniques hitherto only hinted at in comics.


Yes, this was very ballsy of him.

A German edition has been published by Austrian publisher Comicothek, including a three-part softcover edition in as well as a limited hardcover collection in the mids. Then they wait for Pollack to show up, so they can kill him, too He also had no idea what ComiXology was.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss

But I am going to try But Chaykin is kisa. He discovers that Kenton forced Grove to give their daughter Sophie up shortly before Kenton became a vampire. I protected myself from what I perceived as the serious danger of nobody buying the book by taking a large advance against royalties.

His woman are round and soft, even when she’s got seven inches between her legs. This is possibly one of the raunchiest things I’ve ever read. This book is a real hardboiled special with lots of hilarious lines interjected to give a bit of colour on this world of slime, chaykim and socio-paths.

The shock factor is so high, you can’t put it down.