Posted on January 11, 2020


The letter was subtitled “Homosexualitatis problema”. In it, and to the surprise of many Catholics, Ratzinger said that Homosexual acts are sinful. “Homosexualitatis Problema” concludes with two wonderful verses from Scripture : “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (Jn. One of the nastier tricks of Vatican rhetoric, especially as displayed in “ Homosexualitatis Problema”, is the uneven manner in which (approved).

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Ex contrario, clara in luce ponendum est peculiarem personae homosexualis propensionem, quamquam per se ipsa peccatum non est, nihilominus inclinat plus minus vehementer ad agendi rationem quae, ordine morali spectato, intrinsece mala habenda est. Many reputable Biblical scholars now point out that there is in fact no condemnation of homosexual relations anywhere in Genesis Given at Rome, 1 October Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private.

Among other rights, all persons have the right to work, to housing, etc. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of people today, even within the Church, are bringing enormous pressure to bear on the Church to accept the homosexual condition as though it were not disordered and to condone homosexual activity.

Zoologists have shown that homosexual behaviour occurs throughout homosxualitatis animal world.

This catechesis would also assist those families of homosexual persons to deal with this problem which affects them so deeply. Wikipedia articles with style issues from December All articles with style issues. In Genesis 3, we find that this truth about persons being an image of God has been obscured by original sin. There is an effort in some countries to manipulate the Church by gaining the often well-intentioned support of her pastors with a view to changing civil-statutes and laws.

Ac revera nihil aliud docet Apostolus Paulus, cum in Epistula ad Galatas affirmat Spiritum in fidelium vita gignere fructus, qui sunt: Ex his pastoralibus inceptis, quae diversas suscipiunt formas, plura oriri possunt commoda, quorum non ultimum hoc est, quod in comperto habeatur personas homosexuales sicut ceteras omnes vehementer necessitatem experiri auxilium coniuncte accipiendi pro problmea vitae suae condicionibus.


The Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin has admitted that “a cabal” protecting clerical sex abusers may be operating at the highest levels in the Catholic Church. You may have already requested this item.

The passage from the recognition of homosexuality as a factor on which basis it is illegal to discriminate can easily lead, if not automatically, to the legislative protection and promotion of homosexuality.

Pope John Paul II approved the letter and ordered its publication. The very title of the document is deceitful: But the proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered. John McNeill has often written of the importance of his own partner, Charles, and how important each has been to the other in the differing kinds of support they offer, and the sacrifices they have made for each other.

Manual for Spiritual Warfare — Paul Thigpen 3 years ago.

Naturally, an exhaustive treatment homosexalitatis this complex issue cannot be attempted here, but we will focus our reflection within the distinctive context of the Catholic moral perspective. Quae deterior condicio ob peccatum inducta augeri pergit in historia hominum Sodomae cfr.

This is done in order to conform to these pressure groups’ concept that homosexuality is at least a completely harmless, if not an entirely good, thing.

homosexualitatis problema | Queering the Church (towards a reality-based theology)

Nullum dubium esse potest de iudicio morali, quod ibi profertur contra homosexuales iunctiones. For those who do not possess it, compulsory celibacy is simply oppressive: Christians who are homosexual are called, as all of us are, to a chaste life.

Or, we could consider the one-sided nature of the institution of traditional marriage, marked by patriarchal domination, an expectation that male sexual needs should always be met, a disregard for the need or sometimes even the possibility of female sexual pleasure, and sometimes even domestic violence and marital rape. Amici di Papa Ratzinger. They may have friends in Irish society. Preview this item Preview this item.


Excluded From God’s People: The Problem with “Homosexualitatis Problema”

Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. The Church, obedient to the Lord who founded her and gave to her the sacramental life, celebrates the divine plan of the loving and live-giving union of men and women in the sacrament of marriage. So, I say unto you……. Such treatment deserves condemnation from the Church’s pastors wherever it occurs. Ad rem quod attinet, necessarium est recolere sapientem de moribus translaticiam doctrinam Ecclesiae, qua monemur ne iudicium de singulis casibus ad casus universos, ad rem quod attinet, transferatur.

Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. Father John Todd Zuhlsdorf. An authentic pastoral programme will assist homosexual persons at all levels of the spiritual life: Francis on the Death Penalty: Ad rem quod attinet, Concilium Vaticanum II haec habet: The Cross is a denial of self, but in service to the will of God himself who makes life come from death and empowers those who trust in him to practise virtue in homosexualitxtis of vice.

On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons – Wikipedia

Pastoral care of homosexual persons Responsibility: It is a perspective which finds support in the more secure findings of the natural sciences, which have their own legitimate and proper methodology and field of inquiry. One of the great paradox’s of queer church history is that a period of extreme persecution of “sodomites” prbolema the Inquisition, directly at their own hands or indirectly by secular authorities at their instigation, largely coincided with a remarkable series of popes who had sex with men, who protected family and friends who did so, or spent vast […].

This is of the utmost importance: