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COMPETITIVIDAD DE LA HIGUERILLA (Ricinus communis) PARA BIOCOMBUSTIBLE EN RELACIÓN A LOS CULTIVOS ACTUALES EN EL EDO. DE OAXACA. Cálculo del balance de energía para higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) desde las etapas de producción de campo hasta el valor energético de. and cultivated castor bean plants (Ricinus communis L.) La higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) es una planta oleaginosa cuyas principales.

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The subplots were in two-plant spacing of 1. So viel brauch der mensch: Ricinus communis can vary greatly in its growth habit and appearance. The leaves of some other varieties are green practically from the start, whereas in yet others a pigment masks the green color of all the chlorophyll -bearing parts, leaves, stems and young fruit, so that they remain a dramatic purple-to-reddish-brown throughout the life of the plant.

Four castor materials were evaluated in in the middle region of Valle del Sinu, Colombia. It has historically been popular for lubricating two-stroke engines due to high resistance to heat compared to petroleum-based oils. Industrial Oil and Fat Products. Energy flow in castor bean Ricinus communis L.

Ricinus communis – Wikipedia

Castor oil’s use as a means of intimidation in Fascist Italy [ citation needed ]. Results show that the castor bean is sensitive to the increase in water soil tension, and higher stress conditions lead to decreased growth, and lower transpiration rates and vegetative period. Among the native materials, it is highlighted Monteria production of 10 kg plant-1 at planting distance 1.

Journal of Mechanical Engineering. Thus the net energy generated from the riclnus castor oil plant plus oil obtained from seeds is 6, The castor oil plant is one of the few major crops to have an origin in Africa.

Ricinus communis

Oil from castor oil plant. Furthermore, the completion of the harvest which determines the cycle of the crop of castor, did not show marked differences between native materials days on averagewhich proved to be more rifinus than the commercial genotype statistically significant difference, culminating the growth cycle in days.

Unlike other oils, is miscible in all proportions with alcohol, but at room higueriola is only slightly soluble in petroleum ether Bailey, Por lo tanto, el objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la respuesta de la higuerilla a diferentes tensiones de agua en el suelo. A cultura da mamona no Rio Grande do Sul.


The seed also contains ricina water-soluble toxin hihuerilla, which is also present in lower concentrations throughout the plant. BRS Paraguassu, and found that increasing soil water levels caused higher rates of growth and development, biomass production and photosynthetic efficiency of this cultivar. Processing the whole castor oil plant inside a pyrolysis reactor has the best energy balance at all, generating twice the energy than by using the pure raw oil.

Initial growth and development of castor beans cv.

Comparison of the behavior of biofuel base don castor and sunflower oils. Energy balance trial allows to carefully allocating any inputs for field production of higuefilla crop as well as, dosing higuerillla the amount of energy required for each process, thus determining the efficiency when energy transformation inside the crop is required for a certain task. The Bodo tribals of Bodoland in Assam, India, use the leaves of this plant to feed and rear the larvae of muga and endi silkworms.

Ricinus communis L., 1753

Plants with the ricinuz leaves can be found growing next to those with green leaves, so there is most likely only a single gene controlling the production of the pigment in some varieties. In Colombia, the castor is a promising species due to the great adaptability in most of its thermal levels, achieving high yields of seed yield and quality of their oils, allowing its application in various industrial sectors Delgado, Development and initial growth of castor bean Ricinus communis crop submitted to different soil water tensions.

The use of castor bean oil eranda in India has been documented since BC in lamps and in local medicine as a laxative, purgativeand cathartic in UnaniAyurvedicsiddha and other ethnomedical systems. Its great feature is the potential for the production of industrial oils, which have various applications in fields such as medicine, cosmetics and more recently, the energy in the production of biodiesel that aims to reduce higuerills of petroleum and reduce environmental pollution, making the species in an operational alternative for men Gutierrez et al.


Tensiometer readings were performed every day early in the morning, during 75 d.

Ricinus – Wikipedia

Commercially available cold-pressed castor oil is not toxic to humans in normal doses, either internal or externally. Estas variables fueron significativamente diferentes entre densidades poblacionales, lo cual muestra que, a mayor altura de planta menor productividad.

We used a split-plot experimental design, arranged at random with three repetitions.

Retrieved from ” https: Al Guaranycultivated higueri,la pots, and a tensiometer was installed at 0. Furthermore, it is hgiuerilla important to undertake a diagnosis about the features and performances from those biofuels; expressly referring to the way they are to be used, starting by making a precise calculation of energy balance from all those communiz that intervene in order to identify which contribute for the highest efficiency Saribiyik et al, The growth curves for LA, plant height and stem diameter were adjusted based on the commjnis logistic model: The castor bean plants cv.

Castor and jatropha oils: Table 3 shows the final results obtained when measuring the technical energy from a trademark calorimeter LECD for the castor oil palm are: Thus, for this study the result for the energy balance is a simple calculation among total input energy to produce the castor oil crop Throughout the analysis of energy flows, it can be established the energy flows, the identification of individual and entire energy demand and determinate the whole energy performance, which is revealed by means of the net gain and also by the ratio of energy made available over the invested energy.

Unless treated, death can be expected to occur within 3—5 days; however, in most cases a full recovery can be made.

The comparison between densities shows significant differences in plant height and seed production and, at higher altitudes lowers productivity but no differences in oil ricius. Table 4 Measured heat value in the calorimeter LECO for regional samples of seeds from castor oil plants.

Sowing was carried out in Februarysoil fertilization 4.