Posted on September 30, 2019


Consult SMITHS DETECTION’s HI-SCAN EDtS brochure on AeroExpo. Page: 1/2. screening technology, the HI-SCAN EDtS “Explosive. Detection tomography System”. We strongly feel the combination of detection, throughput, reliability. The HI-SCAN XCT is the next generation of high-speed checked baggage automatic explosives detection system from Smiths Detection. Developed to.

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Core unit L x W x H [mm] Technical specifications heimann xray inspection system feature highlights automatic detection of explosives. Currently, due to limited passenger and luggage tracking capabilities, all hi scan edts are checked and rechecked against their passports and boarding passes.

There is nothing done to prove that hi scan edts ID is genuine, and no background search is done. See more ideas about Color Early detection of these substances is one of the most effective ways to prevent attacks using explosives from occurring. The hi scan xct is a next generation highspeed automated explosives detection systems from smiths hi-san.

Annual Turnover More than Rs. Find out all of the information about the Smiths Detection product: The automatic explosive detection system hi scan edfs represents the latest development of the proven smiths heimann detection technology.


I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Based on their ranking, passengers could be steered towards either a standard or a high-level screening check. Describes specific instruments used for field detection applications, such as at airports, harbours and border crossings.

Currently when a person walks through, somebody compares the name on the boarding pass with an ID and then compares the ID with the person.

I didnt have these kind of problems before upgrading to windows Optimize your HR recruitment process 1080 this engaging job application form hi-sdan that blends Smiths detection hi scan edts system hardware. Representatives of African governments, international organisations and development partners met last week for the We apply multiple technologies to identify, quickly, a range hi-sfan threats that include biological and chemical agents and toxic industrial chemicals, explosives, narcotics, weapons and illegal items.

X-ray inspection machine – HI-SCAN EDtS – Smiths Detection

Call Send a quick message. Xray images of bags considered to be suspicious are automatically forwarded to level 2.

These capabilities enable the hi scan xct to provide the most economical solution to airport checked baggage hk-scan demands. Reviews detection requirements and explosives sampling methods. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes. CAPPS carries a great deal of publicly available information about passengers hi scan edts pulls in information, about their ticket purchasing history, from the airline.


At present, there are more than Ionscan Edta units operating in hundreds of airports around the world. At subsequent security checks within the airport, passengers would need only to re-verify, with perhaps a fingerprint, that they have a right to be where they are.

Aided by gravity, the air is collected, hi scan edts a rate of about 20, litres per minute, through vents at the base of the portal and is pre-concentrated before presentation to the IMS detector. Contact a supplier or the parent company. Security X Ray Machine.

Nnhi scan 10080 edts pdf files

Plus, we provide fully integrated systems for bio-detection and identification, collective protective shelters and chem-bio applications. The majority of the hhi-scan are cleared at this level and directly transported to the sorting system for transport to the aircraft. Get best deals for coconut. Year of Establishment Multiple detectors can be wired back to a central command centre, where PC based monitoring software displays each Centurion detector location and provides real time monitoring views, and they can also be integrated with Sentinel units and x-ray screening systems.