Posted on March 1, 2019


HelpNDoc and that you’ll never see documentation creation the same way from now on. We even think you will enjoy it soon. This tutorial project will let you get. But for those who cannot afford RoboHelp there are some free alternatives out there like HelpNDoc; free at least for personal use. If you need to.

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Welcome to HelpNDoc

HelpNDoc has automatically created the table of contents hierarchy for us. Named licenses can only be installed on a limited number of computers you own.

It is easy to define that cover picture in HelpNDoc. HelpNDoc has now automatically created the table of contents hierarchy you created in the ‘New project’ window. By default, the content of each topic is included in all builds when the documentation is generated. A named license can only be used by one specific person and installed on her own computer. Just make sure you check out the difference between personal and commercial use when you download such software packages.

In the center section of the ‘New project’ window, a default table of contents outline is provided for you. Plus, you can drill-down to resolve specific issues. This order determines the order in which your documentation is generated. After you tutoria a template, you can then tailor the settings and properties to create customized documentation that supports your specific needs.

Welcome to HelpNDoc

Both are outlined below. This makes it simple to define your preferences once and then use them repeatedly without manually defining styles each time you tutodial a new project. HelpNDoc certainly is rather basic but certainly fully OK for a small help project. By default, hyperlinks take readers to the beginning of specific topics.


A Free Help File Software: HelpNDoc | Technical Communication Center

The ePub and Kindle eBooks contain not only the content from the Word document, but also the images, hyperlinks and organizational structure. It checks spelling as you enter content into your editor, add new topics into your table of contents, create new keywords, post new helpnfoc to your library… Your whole project is covered from spelling errors. Log in to Helnpdoc. HelpNDoc provides an easy-to-use organizational feature that allows you to select from various icons to classify your topics.

Readers can then click a parent topic, expanding it to view the children topics.

A Free Help File Software: HelpNDoc

As a result, readers can be taken to exact locations within topics, rather than tutoriial beginning of topics. HelpNDoc offers four kinds of topics.

We can now focus on the most important part next: HelpNDoc hlepndoc a project management tool called Project Analyzer that makes it easy to evaluate the overall structure and integrity of your project. You can also use the Project Analyzer to eliminate unnecessary and outdated duplicates to streamline your updating processes. Only a few simple steps are necessary to get up and running with a new HelpNDoc project.

The PDF and Word documents contain not only the content from the ePub file, but also the images, hyperlinks and organizational structure, including the table of contents. By default, all topics are included in all builds when tutroial is generated. We will see how HelpNDoc can greatly help with that in another tutorial. It lists all occurrences of library items as well as any topics that use them.

But for hslpndoc who cannot afford RoboHelp there are some free alternatives out there like HelpNDoc ; free at least for personal use.

HelpNDoc assigns a footer when you create a new topic. In order to insert an image or another media element into your documentation, you must first place it into the library. Here are some of the things I like about HelpNDoc: This advanced feature allows you to create new scripts and load existing ones, execute and titorial scripts, and save scripts for future use. You can define the order of your outputs in your build list.


HelpNDoc puts you in control of the spell tutotial settings. You can sort items by type, caption, source, and topics. To support your specific requirements, you may update this name for any output at any time.

Rather than forcing readers through documentation linearly from beginning to end, HelpNDoc makes it easy for readers to click links to access information they are interested in. When you insert anchors within topics you get the added benefit of being able to create hyperlinks to those embedded anchors. You can place topics in any order using the tree structure of your table of contents.

If you need tutorual use these programs commercially you may need to pay a small licensing fee, which might be worth it. Once launched, it will request a lease from the floating license server to make sure it is allowed to tktorial. An image map can be used to document parts of a screenshot, a photography, a road map… by allowing readers to click parts of the image to access greater details about it. You can create a style specifically designed to highlight sections of your documentation such as notes or warnings.