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To cite this article: Leopold Bellak & Marvin S. Hurvich () A Human Modification of Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas Segun l Bellak Documents. Evaluacion Del to BASC2. Uploaded by. servicios_psicopedag · Modificacion de Conducta. Uploaded by. broken_promises · Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas. cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro. FUNCIONES YOICAS cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro.

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Both sets of cards were administered to all sub- jects in a balanced order, with an equal number of boys and girls in each of the two administration groups. The supplement to the CAT. However, the adult figures were near- ly always identified as female with the ssible exception of the extreme hoicas Eure.

Bellak 1966

Another important reason for pro- viding a human equivalent to the CAT was that some children between seven and ten, especially those with high I. Adult tricks child, is not what appears to fnciones only one check per story funcions. Detached attitude “it couldn’t happen,” “it’s a cartoon” 2. Animal drawings of children. Analysis of these nine Ss who had four yicas more critical scores on one form or the other and six of these had four or more critical scores on both forms showed no con- sistent ‘differences in high scores or total scores for the two forms.

Attacker is attacked, “eat and be eaten” The adult is most often seen as the mother on both forms, with only a few responses of shadow or figure other than father who is seen? Few pun- ishment themes are reported on either form.

The categories are arranged as nearly as possible on a continuum from indicators of high control and constriction to suggestions of disorganization and loosening of ties to reality. Looking at the data in terms of the consistency for a given subject, ap- proximately half 64 of the criti- cal scores were for the same category for each subject from animal to hu- man form. The way the child is depicted might result in chances of escape roughly equivalent to those of the monkey in the original.


Her findings are similar to those of Ha- worth in many respects. Child hides from danger, runs away due to fear 4. As before, the CAT-S remains for the study of special problem areas. The accuracy of theContent should not be relied upon and should be independently verified withprimary sources of information. During the last fifteen years, a num- ber of studies have focused on a com- parison of the relative merits of ani- mal vs.

Bellak Download Report. Mean Stan- ford-Binet I. Literal “it doesn’t show, so I can’t tell. A study of the validity of the T A T and a set of animal pictures. Animal pictures had a significantly higher A Human Modification of the C A T number of original ideas and begin- nings and endings and scored higher on four of the remaining six response measures, though short of statistical significance.

T h e overall trend of t g e data, stant except for the substitution of human for animal figures and color for black and white.

yocas The validity of the Blacky pictures. To cite this article: Subjects were 74 fourth and fifth graders, aged nine to ten years, six Downloaded by [ECU Libraries] at Finally, it would appear that an exploration of the developmental hypotheses of Piaget could be ex- plored horizontally and longitudin- ally with the help of the CAT series.

Again, no significant differ- ences were obtained on the response productivity measures.

Dunciones were 22 children 1G boys, 6 girls ; ages six years, three months, to ten years, three months, referred to a psychiatric clinic for outpatient diagnosis or for inpatient treatment, with diagnoses ranging from neurotic difficulties and behavior problems to borderline psychoses. The childrens apperception test CATin A. The stimulus pictures each in an funckones or a human version showed the main character from the stimulus stories in some ambiguous action.


Any substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution, reselling, loan,sub-licensing, systematic supply, or distribution in any form to anyone isexpressly forbidden. A Japanese adaptation of the CAT.

PSICOTERAPIA BREVE by ana villamil on Prezi

In addressing themselves to the animal – human stimulus issue, some workers seemed to assume erroneously that the animal characters were what the CAT was meant to stand on or fall. Picture four presented relatively few problems except for the absence of tails, of course, and the fact that an infant in arms is not quite the same as an infant in the maternal pouch, alas.

Omits usual story content 8.

Children play in bed 3. Picture seven was also a challenge.

Published on Feb View 4 Download 3. An attempt was made to keep all aspects of the four stimulus sets con- made. Funcionds only a very few cases does the child learn a lesson, and this tends to happen more often on the human form.

T h e versions were as follows: TO preserve some of the possible stimulus value of the outdoor situation in primitivity, in romance, in fear of animals and of the wildthe tentlike nature of the structure was empha- funclones by introducing the new feature of trees.