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The Pathwork of Self-Transformation by Eva Pierrakos Paperback $ the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $ Guide Lectures for Self-Transformation [Eva Pierrakos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Pierrakos, Eva. Eva Broch Pierrakos. “The gift of Eva Pierrakos’s Pathwork has been with me for twenty years. It is the the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $

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Will update the link. Sink down into these childish feelings and responses and deeply feel the pain they have caused yourself and others. It states, again and again, often in stunning clarity, what we need to do and what we can expect from our efforts.

Once again, thanks for this link. In addition to presenting Jesus as the leader of the human race, the Pathwork material also says that Jesus is “the most exalted of all Created Beings. Through the gateway of feeling your fear, lies your security and safety.

How do we deal with this dilemma? What’s more, the more we are able to share ourselves evx others the way we truly are, the more they will be able to genuinely love and accept us. It offers both the potential for dramatic personal transformation as well as exalted personal happiness. Home About Articles Personality and spirituality: If we have difficulty imagining the harm that such world views might have on us, we have only to look at many of the religious brocb in the world today that subscribe to similar philosophies.

While I personally feel comfortable with the way in which the Pathwork material describes the process of leaving and returning to God, the few lectures I have read that deal with this topic seem to suggest some kind of mistake took place.

In any case, there is enough confusion to express concern. So thrilling to find this.


How have our weaknesses, shortcomings, and misconceptions contributed? Update On Major Geological Changes: In Eva met Dr. In addition, the Pathwork lectures also indicate that our thoughts have helped create the earth and physical universe.

Fusion with another soul, on all levels, is exceedingly important.

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Through accepting the lacks of your childhood, lies your fulfilment now. Therefore, pierrajos a rule I do not even like boch talk much about all of this because the main thing for you is to learn to know your own soul and to develop spiritually. The Pathwork Foundation has an Internet site at www. We need the help of other human beings who often see what we do not; 3. Most people find that the lectures must be read slowly as they are so densely packed with insights and food for thought.

From the Pathwork’s perspective, the lower, unhealed parts of ourselves stand between ourselves and our Inmost Beings.

NHNE Special Report: The Pathwork Guide Lectures of Eva Pierrakos

Finally, at least one Pathwork lecture states that major geological changes in the earth are not going to happen. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Eva died vroch Based on my own experience I believe it can indeed deliver the kind of inner and outer peace and happiness it promises to those of us who have enough patience, persistence and determination to follow the challenging path it champions.

One place where we believe the fundamental laws of life have surfaced with unusual clarity is in the Pathwork Guide Lectures of Eva Pierrakos.

We have put it there, and only pierrakks can remove it. Thus, they are a good window into what we are “really” like, as well as what we pieerakos need to work on. If, on the other hand, you and I messed up, then we, at the level of our souls, are defective.

Through the gateway of feeling your hate, lies your capacity to love. If they are not in agreement, our life experiences will tend to swing back and forth, up and down, between the mixed messages our conscious and unconscious selves are continuously imprinting on our lives.


If reincarnation is real, how can the global population be growing? In addition, pierrskos Pathwork lectures themselves are slowly becoming a cornerstone in the New Age movement.

Perhaps in earlier ages, when there were fewer human beings living on our planet, the likelihood of our presence causing geological disturbances was brocn as strong. She never advertised, trusting that those who came would pisrrakos guided to come.

Until these lower aspects of ourselves have been transformed, the way to our Inmost Being will always be blocked. If we conceive of our decision to leave Heaven as a natural part of God’s plan for us, then the whole picture changes.

Core Energetic: About John C. Pierrakos

Those of us who believe humanity fell from Heaven may not consciously think all of these thoughts, but it is unlikely that such thoughts do not affect our lives and thought processes in some fashion. So is the Pathwork material wrong about this? If it helps to know, the link has now changed to: One visual concept which might be useful is that the higher or divine self is largely encased by lower self material — often formed as a brocy — and this is further encased by the mask self, how we wish the world to see us in our illusion that if we are seen this way, then we will be safe.

Many people myself included prefer a book in the hand to online reading.