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Ensayo General de La Comunicación Piñuel y Lozano – Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online. Thomas L. Friedman. Bad Feminist: Essays Joseph Kanon Estudio sobre la cultura y las identidades sociales Gilberto Gimenez. Ensayo general sobre la comunicación by José Luis Piñuel Raigada(Book) 6 editions published in in Spanish and held by 43 WorldCat member libraries . Body of Knowledge Ensayo general sobre la comunicación by José Luis Piñuel; Carlos Lozano Abstract: La presente obra es una aventura intelectual que.

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This majority normative statute is not the only one that can be identified in all the media discourses. Press Managers Producers Dealers Consumers. On the other hand, the press turns out to be a unanimous actor that reproduces the Communication System of which it is part. Thus, it is of no use to wonder about the extent to what this “virtue epistemology” is finally a guarantee of truth in the communicational productions because that is not is part of the question.

In the first round of responses, the experts showed that the commitment of the media with companies or institutions that are providers of information depends on their profile for the publication of their news and that the profile of the medium was decisive when establishing the interest for the sending of information. Much Quite Little N. As figure 1 shows: However, the responses were very much divided regarding the influence of the ideological, economic or circumstantial affinities of the medium, since half of the experts answered affirmatively and the other negatively.

Thus, the topics that are the most discussed, that have the largest share of the audience, and that occupy more time and space in the media e. Contemporary Debates in Epistemology.

Ensayo General Sobre la Comunicacion pdf

The confusion of the source with the medium occurs when the medium becomes the source of the events, so that the medium can only refer to itself when referring to the event and its source. Through the content analysis of the Spanish Press, this article analyses the media discourses that make reference to any other discourse that, once made an agenda item, refers to the activity of the media themselves.

Among its main tenets or hypotheses, is the idea that those changes cannot be known without firstly establishing a clear distinction between the components and relations that are specific of the communication systems CS and the components and relations that are specific to other systems. In general, in order to achieve a greater presence in the mediate press managers add to the personal relations the relevance of the news, the importance of the subject or the credibility that the source has conquered.


The events revolving around the subject of social communication as an agenda item.

Therefore it can be argued that the evaluative statements about the work of communicators are not based on their actions esse sequitur operari but rather on the virtues attributed – deliberately or non- to the communication actors operari sequitur esse. Luie to it, while the communication actors can be convinced of their own task and the own evidences they have about their data, and can be knowledgeable of Orthodox proceedings e.

Invitations for group meetings.

Kose intention was that in the variables specified for that purpose, the analysts would identify the discourse underlying the manifest expression, provided the keys of meaning were noticeable -according to the previous training that the analysts received to be able to recognise such categories of analysis. Thus, of course, the professional practice can only be the expression of their skills or inherent virtues even if they are unevenly distributed: Lang and Lang have summarised the principles of this conception in this way: The success of this practice is based largely on offering veracity and credibility, i.

And the media usually opt for not serving private interests. This approach has a profound epistemological meaning and also entails a wake-up call for communication researchers and theorists.

Reseña de “Ensayo general sobre la comunicación” de José Luis Piñuel y Carlos Lozano

The DelphiI technique was applied to 17 press managers from various social organisations large companies, governmental bodies, trade unions and other public and private institutions over three rounds of communication exchanges, via e-mail, about the relations between the organisations as a source of information, and the media as the disseminators of news.

From the unit to the differenceEd. In any case, from this virtue epistemology, the justification or validity of the practice would be unnecessary: However when faced with the question: In round two the press managers defined with more precision certain aspects about the relevance of the news, the strategic interest of the agenda and the publishing commitment.

The truth is said or thought, it is a more a matter of language than ontology Vilches, Regarding the ethics of research as a normative source, Broncazo and Vega in Quesada, Thus, as pointed out by Noelle Newmanthe agenda setting is based on the perception held by the individual about the state of public opinion: The reality-effect refers to the truth of the mediated reality.


Opinion leader in the field. These are the hypotheses of this study:. However, all the proportions were weighted up in order to be able to compare their relative value across discourses about what is said, about what is done and about what happens. La Laguna Tenerife, Canary Islands: Cultura y simulacro Culture and Simulation.

Email 5 8 13 4. Linking the evolution of life and society with the historical vicissitudes of communication and the virtualities that communication offers in the construction of social representations self-references and hetero-references that are created by the game of reflexivity between discourse and action. Making this communication theory applicable to journalism, by giving this social practice unknown dimensions that place oiuel in front of its most serious historical comunicaacion The general hypothesis of the well-known agenda setting is that the agenda of the media, sooner or later, can determine a public agenda that tends geenral be organised in terms of the former.

Email also mentioned by 13 of 17 experts as the most widely used method: There is no doubt that the media have chosen a way of producing and disseminating knowledge that can only be explained from the adoption of the so-called virtue epistemology.

Weaver has pointed out the additional research aspects that are most frequently repeated in relation to the public agenda setting:. Director of the company or institution. However it should be noted that the analysis of the keys of meaning has been based on lz body of press articles of the second and third surveys, which cover a total of discourses.

Aletic [ 1 ]. An introduction to the Philosophy of Communication.

On the other hand, the reality-effect refers to the reality of the mediated truth.