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Abstract. NASCIMENTO, Gerlane Karla Bezerra Oliveira et al. Eletromiografia de superfície do músculo masseter durante a mastigação: uma revisão sistemática. Eletromiografia de superfície em músculos inspiratórios de indivíduos adultos e idosos: revisão sistemática. No Thumbnail [%x80]. Eletromiografia de Superficie na Terapia Miofuncional [Adriana Rahal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Eletromiografia de superfície do músculo masseter durante a mastigação: uma revisão sistemática

This rights cover the whole data about this document as well as its contents. The authors also reported that possibly the decreased and subsequent stabilization of the Superficei is associated with increased sympathetic contribution after AT. The completion of the workday did not cause signification modifications in cervical electrophysiological activity. The main findings of the present study were that there was no difference in the responses of HR, HRV and sEMG when compared the same power output between eletromiografa protocols of dynamic exercise in continuous steps performed at 60 rpm and 80 rpm.

Muscle fiber type, efficiency, and mechanical optima affect freely chosen pedal rate during cycling. Longitudinal studies performed on a cycle eletromiogrfaia with trained xuperficie and untrained volunteers reveal cyclists have a greater preference for higher cadences rpm compared to untrained volunteers rpm Dantas et al. However, eletromiotrafia preferred cadences of cyclists do not coincide with lower oxygen consumption, but instead with less development of muscle fatigue Takaishi et al.

The square root of the difference in the sum of squares between R-R interval on the record divided by the determined time duperficie one RMSSDwas analyzed to be an important index of HRV analysis which provided information on parasympathetic heart modulation and, the standard deviation of total normal R-R intervals SDNN was analyzed to be an index that represents the total HRV cardiac sympathetic and parasympathetic modulation Task Force of the European Society of cardiology, The sEMG was recorded from the vastus lateralis muscle that was chosen because it is a large superficial muscle and actively involved in leg extension when the exercise is performed on a cycle ergometer.

Neuromuscular and metabolic responses to high-intensity intermittent cycling protocols with different work-to-rest ratios.


The electrodes were placed at half the distance between the greater trochanter and lateral femoral condyle, coupled by a specific terminal device adapted active differential, which is responsible for the differentiation between the two poles of the electrodes. In a study by Alonso et al. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 26 11 The aim of the study was to evaluate the behavior of HRV and sEMG of the vastus lateralis in two exercise protocols on a cycle ergometer at 60 and 80 rpm.

Exploratory study with an interventional approach conducted with workers from a port facility. Moreover, subjects reached a predicted maximal HR and were close to VO 2 max predicted by age Table 1.

While the primary hypothesis of the study was not supported the protocol performed with a higher cadence 80 rpm promoted the earliest responses of HR and cardiac parasympathetic modulation in relationship to the protocol with lower cadence 60 rpm.

Thus HRV is an important tool that can be used during exercise to assess the parameter settings of the cardiac autonomic system and through the components of HRV is possible to determine the anaerobic threshold AT during exercise and consequently relate to the aerobic capacity of the individual Di Michele et al. Brazilian Journal of medical and Biological Research35 6 Occupational health; Electromyography; Muscle strength; Neck pain. The influence of training status, age, and muscle fiber type on cycling efficiency and endurance performance.

Introdução a Eletromiografia

Neuromuscular Disorders22 sup. Surface electromyogram power spectrum in human quadriceps muscle during incremental exercise.

A test was performed in the sitting position on an electromagnetic braked cycle ergometer Quinton CorivalSupsrficie, Netherlands at an initial power of 25 W for a warm-up period of 2 minutes.

Eletromiogradia control of the circulation during exercise. We concluded that the parasympathetic cardiac responses eletromiograria sEMG are independent of cadences applied at the same power output. This was an observational and retrospective study involving eight healthy men, all trained cyclists with high level of physical training for at least two years, with a minimum training frequency of days per week and average duration of two hours per day.

General procedures and clinical evaluation All tests were performed at the same time of day afternoonthus avoiding possible interference of circadian variations in the behavior of the studied variables.

HRV was analyzed with statistical measures in the time domain.


Any uses or copies of this document in whole or in part must include the author’s name. Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences. Neuromuscular fatigue during prolonged pedaling exercise at different pedaling rates. Muscle fatigue in fibromyalgia is in the brain, not in the muscles: Heart rate variability and surface electromyography of trained cyclists eletrpmiografia different cadences.

The most preferred cadences by cyclists are around 85 to 95 rpm, while the most economical cadences are approximately between 55 and 60 rpm Dantas et al.

Optimal pedaling estimated from neuromuscular fatigue for cyclists. The HR, BP and ECG were recorded before the testing, at the end of 30s at each power output, and in the suprrficie period 1, 3, 6 and 9 minutes. Studies involving different cadences in triathletes concluded that higher cadences in cycling can contribute to a better performance in the subsequent phase of the triathlon, the foot race.

The additional use of BIO had a positive effect in range of motion and function recovery of upper extremity in the studied group and may represent an important therapeutic tool for stroke rehabilitation.

Data Analysis Analysis of heart rate superdicie Learn what derived works are clicking here. Physics in Medicine and Biology39a The volunteer eletromiografiw instructed to remain seated on the cycle ergometer at rest for 1 minute. Standad of measurement, physiological interpretation and clinical use. Reflex control of the circulation during exercise.

Eletromiografia de superfície da região cervical – contribuição para a saúde muscular

Personal, symptomological, occupational and electrophysiological variables were examined, based on electromyographies of the cervical region. Heart rate response and its variability during eletromiogrsfia phases of supdrficie graded exercise. With respect to RMS signal of sEMG, the significant increase from W in both protocols with different cadences DETC and DETC may reflect changes in the type of muscle fibers recruited from this intensity that reflect adaptations of the muscular and metabolic systems in an attempt to maintain the continuity of physical activity and the homeostasis of the systems.

A personal monitoring architecture to detect muscular fatigue in elderly.