Posted on May 9, 2019


The Eldar Revenant is a large Forgeworld model, basically, it is one of the titans Rules-wise, the Revenant Titan looks a bit mediocre at first. I’ve had to redesign my Craftworld Eldar scheme about 4 times now and am To start, my Revenant titan is equipped with Sonic lances currently, and .. Aurora, Colorado Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleWe Quote. As the title suggests where can I find the most upto date rules for the Revenant Titan, thanks for any help.

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These tall, slender war engines are built to be aesthetically pleasing as well as fully functional, standard to the elf faction of 40k. One thing I found interesting was that now the Revenant can take different loadouts than before. I had a lot of targets, and what felt like, not nearly enough firepower.

The Revenant is particularly protected by an image-distorting Holo-field projected from the Titan’s fins which can confuse auspexes of all types, this is a replacement for heavy armor and void shields used by other races. Its 2, with the Pulsars and if rfvenant want to replace revennt for sonic lamces each lance is 60 pts. Ilic Nightspear shot, missed, and pretty much didn’t do a single wound during the entire game, and eventually ate a volley of twin punisher cannons 43 shots from a pt model is pretty insane.

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Anything But Ones: Eldar Revenant Titan WIP

The Skathach put out yet another pitiful amount of melta shots, barely damaging the Malcador, but knocking it down so it only had a wound or two left. Eldar submitted 8 months ago by LorienWarden. Rather than previously where you could only equip Sonic Lances OR Pulsars, now you can mix and match them as you like.


Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. My friend fielded a fairly balanced list, a whole infantry platoon with 6 squads of Krieg infantry armed with flamers and plasma guns as special weapons, Marshal Karis Venner who we’ll get to later3 Earthshaker carriages, 2 Thudd guns, 2 vulture gunships with twin punisher cannons, a Malcador Defender poor thing hadn’t seen a table in agesand a Valdor Tank Hunter who also was finally coming out of retirement.

Think of the BattleTech Madcat when it made its debut in the Inner Sphere, and you’ll get the idea of this thing well enough.


So on average you’d get more shots from the Sonic Lance. I meanwhile set up Ilic in a small set of ruins that gave me good line of sight and range to his Lieutenants and Commander, and I put the Revenant center of the board, as far forwards as possible. Permissions in this forum: Basically, I have no idea why it is so expensive. Submit a new text post. Just being hit by the Valdor mean’t the Revenant was now hitting at a -1, which did take some effect during my next turn.

I felt like an archaeologist putting this together. I think the logic behind it was to stop people taking Titans in smaller games.

The Sonic lances were definitely underwhelming, they weren’t very good revennant anti-horde duty, and were even worse at killing vehicles they only do 1 damage per shot. You still get 2d6 shots from one Pulsar. And that’s when the real party started Meanwhile the vulture in backfield finally managed to kill Ilic Nightspear, a whole 86 shots later. As noted, Revenant Titans are ludicrously fast and agile for their size, this high mobility is further supported with the aid of jump jets and gravitic motors, allowing it to leap into the battlefield like a super ballerina.


40k Unboxing – Forge World Eldar Revenant Titan – Bell of Lost Souls

Depends on how good their dice are that battle. In the end it and the Skathach were both down to half their revensnt, and already the chances of winning the battle were looking pretty slim.

As a note, with both the Thudd guns, and the Earthshaker battery crews are considered characters, and thus couldn’t be targeted.

We are doing quite a lot of apocalypse so I just have to get this model. The profile of both weapons is pretty nasty, but definitely nothing too crazy, especially once you factor in that it takes a -1 to hit if it moves and has a decreasing BS as it takes wounds Newer Post Older Post Home.

He set up his army fairly reserved, with both Vultures being taken as Elysians and thus, having deepstrike capabilities, but one was placed on the board anyway, while the basilisks were situated in one corner, with the Valdor tank hunter in the other. Log in or sign up in seconds.

The Revenant Titan 8th Ed.