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Directiva /2/CE del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 14 de marzo de infraestructura de información espacial en la Comunidad Europea (Inspire). on the implementation of Directive /2/EC of March establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). / regarding the definition of a INSPIRE metadata element. / recante attuazione della direttiva /2/CE del Parlamento europeo e del.

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Environmental monitoring facilities Location and operation of environmental monitoring facilities includes observation and measurement of emissions, of the state of environmental media and of other ecosystem parameters biodiversity, ecological conditions of vegetation, etc. Hydrography Hydrographic elements, including marine areas and all other water bodies and items related to them, including river basins and sub-basins.

Help Print this page. Member States should therefore offer third parties the possibility of contributing to the national infrastructures, provided that the cohesion and ease of use of the spatial data and spatial data services covered by those infrastructures is thereby not impaired.

Agricultural and aquaculture facilities Farming equipment and production facilities including irrigation systems, greenhouses and stables. Addresses Location of properties based on address identifiers, usually by road name, house number, postal code. Statistical units Units for dissemination or use of statistical information.

Sistemi di diirettiva geografiche Griglia multi-risoluzione armonizzata con un punto di origine comune e un posizionamento e una dimensione standard delle celle.

Relevant user requirements, existing initiatives and international standards for the harmonisation of spatial data sets, as well as feasibility and cost-benefit considerations shall be taken into account in the development of the implementing rules. In deroga al presente articolo gli Stati membri possono limitare la condivisione ove questa comprometta il corso della giustizia, la pubblica sicurezza, dirfttiva difesa nazionale o le relazioni internazionali.

Copertura fisica e biologica della superficie terrestre comprese le superfici artificiali, le zone agricole, i boschi e le foreste, le aree semi naturali, le zone umide, i corpi idrici. Member States should take the necessary measures to prevent such practical obstacles to the sharing of data, using for example prior agreements between public authorities.

Buildings Geographical location of buildings. Land use Territory characterised according to its current and future planned functional dimension or socio-economic purpose e. Per il Parlamento europeo Il presidente H. They also expressed concern regarding the complexity and the feasibility of adapting all spatial data to common data models by Annex I or Annex II and III.

Those services shall take into account relevant user requirements and shall be easy to use, available to the public and accessible via the Internet or any other appropriate means of telecommunication. Several Member States reported that the economic crisis and pressure on national budgets also had an impact on the allocation of required, up-front investment e.


Languages, formats and link to OJ. The various steps are detailed below. Questa voce comprende i dati territoriali basati su misurazioni, su modelli o su una combinazione dei due e comprende i punti di misurazione. While early investment in IT infrastructure, transformation of data and skills development was expected, only a few Member States reported that they had made this investment.

Step 2 — Progress in identifying the required spatial data. Gli Stati membri dovrebbero pertanto mettere a disposizione, a titolo gratuito, almeno i servizi di ricerca e, nel rispetto nispire certe specifiche condizioni, i servizi di consultazione dei set di dati territoriali. Inspirs umana e sicurezza Distribuzione geografica della prevalenza di patologie allergie, tumori, malattie respiratorie, ecc.

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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Species distribution Geographical distribution of occurrence of animal and plant species aggregated by grid, region, administrative unit or other analytical unit. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. For many Member States however, progress against the defined steps and timetable has not met expectations.

In order to bring about such integration, it is necessary to establish a measure of coordination between the users and providers of the information so that information and knowledge from different sectors can be combined. Idrografia Elementi idrografici, comprese le zone marine 207 tutti gli altri corpi ed elementi idrici ad esse correlati, tra cui i bacini e sub bacini idrografici.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

The internal coherence of the Directive has proven to be sound because Member States largely follow its steps. Tali disposizioni di esecuzione rispettano pienamente i principi di cui ai paragrafi da 1 a 3. In every particular case, the public interest served by disclosure shall be weighed against the interest served by limiting or conditioning the access.

Other Member States reported similar projects.

EUR-Lex – DC – EN – EUR-Lex

These rules shall take account of relevant, existing international standards and user requirements, in particular with relation to validation metadata. Hydrographic elements, including marine areas and all other water bodies and items related to them, including river basins and sub-basins.

Cadastral parcels Areas defined by cadastral registers or equivalent. This applies in particular to those Member States lagging behind the most if they are to meet future implementation deadlines. Risorse minerarie Risorse minerarie, compresi i minerali metallici, i minerali industriali, ecc. Before5 spatial data was difficult to find online at national and EU direttkva, and were often poorly documented. Although Member States have to comply with these provisions only by or depending on the data concernedin recent expert group discussions 26 they foresaw that simultaneously harmonising such an enormous amount of data would involve high costs and practical difficulties.


Geographical areas characterised by specific ecological conditions, processes, structure, and life support functions that physically support the organisms that live there. Would you like to keep them? This service shall also be made available upon request to third parties whose spatial data sets and services comply with implementing rules laying down obligations with regard, in particular, to metadata, network services and interoperability.

Sono compresi sia impianti quali gli impianti fognari, di gestione dei rifiuti, di fornitura energetica, e di distribuzione idrica, sia servizi pubblici diirettiva e sociali quali le amministrazioni pubbliche, i siti della protezione civile, le scuole e gli ospedali.

The infrastructures for spatial information in the Member States should be designed to ensure that spatial data are stored, made available and maintained at the most appropriate level; that it is possible to combine spatial data from different sources across the Community in a consistent way and share them between several users and applications; that it is possible for spatial data collected at one level of public authority to be shared between other public authorities; that spatial data are made available under conditions which do not unduly restrict their extensive use; that it is easy to discover available spatial data, to evaluate their suitability for the purpose and to know the conditions applicable to their use.

Territory characterised according to its current and future planned functional dimension or indpire purpose e. An infrastructure for spatial information in the Community should therefore be established. This section provides a summary of the evaluation.

However, the effectiveness of national coordination efforts varied. In order to ensure that spatial data relating idrettiva a geographical feature, the location of which spans the frontier between two or more Member States, are coherent, Member States shall, where appropriate, decide by mutual consent on the depiction and position of such common features.

The Directive had to be transposed by 15 May but significant political, legal and administrative delays meant that most Member States missed the deadline, with only Denmark transposing it on time.