Posted on May 23, 2019


Do someone know where I cans find the “Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifier” by Merlin Blencowe book in USA?? Designing Power Supplies for Valve Amplifiers is a unique guide to the operation and practical design of linear power supplies, especially for valve equipment. I’ve been getting a lot of mail about my power supplies book. I’m sorry to say I permanently removed it from print.

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There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Thank you, regards, Gary. My guess is that the circuits are still too naked, requiring more protection devices, such a resistor in series with the LM’s adjustment pin and some of the capacitors.

I have a few things to say about it. See all 19 reviews. This site is always under construction.

I am not responsible for your negligence. I won’t be writing about those for even more years!

As tubes grew ever less popular in sober electronics, this circuit was expunged from later data sheets. Still, for this American, Mr. Many pure tube-based and desining and hybrid solutions are illustrated; there is even a quite Janus-like vaalve regulator that utilizes both feedforward and feedback to produce clean, steady DC voltage, page ; And the last chapter is a must read, as it covers the problem of too little or too much wall voltage and some possible solutions.

In conclusion, in spite of a few minor, very minor criticisms, I highly recommend this book, for beginners and masters alike. Just sorry I left the book in desihning 7A of U. What intrigued me was this question, Is it possible to make a high voltage regulator based on an LM? If you don’t know these things yet then I recommend you read some introductory electronics material.


Of course, this would also greatly reduce the current flow through both the zener and the LM negative voltage regulator. Thus, we must overlay two critical signal sources on top of these two pins: It is almost as if the publisher and writer assume that making the big jump from the remote control to the soldering iron is in itself a feat of such towering skill, endurance, strength, and imagination that would be asking too much to expect the poor audiophile to learn and understand complex concepts as well.

Perhaps, I am making a Maugham out of poower molehill, you know, Somerset Maugham as few readers are likely to read this book merliin a single sitting as I did and his prose is still far more spritely and readable than any modern electronics textbook I have read—and I have read plenty.

Just flipping through this book now, there’s an asterisk note at the bottom of page Amplifoers remember seeing this schematic in an old National Semiconductor data sheet over 30 years ago.

Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifiers

Wem Publishing October 13, Language: Read more Read less. I’m sorry to say I permanently removed it from print. I would use either a 10W resistor or two 5W 24k resistor in parallel. Audiophiles, guitarists and general hobbyists alike will find blenciwe book an invaluable source of detailed information on transformers, rectifiers, smoothing, high-voltage series and shunt regulators, and much more.


An essential handbook for any valve amplifier enthusiast! No one asked me this question; I was just giving myself a brain teaser. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. But the capacitor also terminates into the ohm resistor, which is effectively grounded at its other end. TCJ My-Stock DB helps you know just what you have, what it looks like, where it is, what it will be used for, and what it’s worth. Good power supply design spuplies as important to an amplifier as the ampifier circuitry itself, and while there are literally dozens and dozens of books on switching power supplies there appears to be nothing of value out there on the linear power supplies that we need to build tube amps.

Designing Power Supplies for Valve Amplifiers – Merlin Blencowe – Google Books

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Starting with the compulsory throat clearing, let’s look at two old designs.

Next, we move on to the series high-voltage regulator based on the LM But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you find the book you’re looking for