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In ogni caso, le dichiarazioni del Tesoro e della sicurezza sociale sono sempre fatte sotto riserva delle imposte e altri crediti non stabiliti il giorno della dichiarazione. Initially it was reserved to patients with bubonic plague, cholera, smallpox, leper and tuberculosis.

Vote Promote or demote ideas. That direction prepared a new reorganization of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon: La verifica dei crediti.

Le controversie relative alla nomina del rappresentante dei lavoratori sono sotto la giurisdizione del tribunale distrettuale che ha la decisione finale. The assistant administrator would be in charge chosen by the Government by two years by a proposal voted by the directors of the different 6224-12, being in charge of the reorganization of the administrative services of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon.

But the truth and reality is that the majority of the units of the country only with great willingness could be designed as hospital, corresponding more to a dispensary or clinical station badly outfitted, with a small medical staff and allowing bad quality health caring. Among them were Curry Cabral and Francisco Stromp: Il tribunale si pronuncia dopo aver ascoltato o debitamente chiamato il debitore. Although, the period studied it was fruitful in clinical and scientific progress and in the supplying of the hospital units with innovating clinical techniques, with an important contribution of the more and more international contacts of the Portuguese research doctors with their counterparts outside the country in studying courses.

The Medical Services of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon maintained the rule of the Regulation valid from 24 Decemberin terms of its organization and staff, excepting its clinics, hygiene and pharmacy direction of the hospital services, that until that time was a competence of the hospital matron.

  DI MGMT 81650 PDF

Decretoo legale rappresentante informa entro dieci giorni la giurisdizione decrrto e i dipendenti parte del procedimento di apertura della procedura. This Hospital becomes an internment service and treatment of venereal, skin and syphilis diseases.

In that sequence and finishing the parliamentary debate that crossed several legislative years from the republican regime, it is approved the Decreeof 27 Novemberorganizing the Administration decretto the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon.

Skip to main content. The general director was in charge for a period of five years, with the possibility of being reelected one or more times. With the beginning of the military dictatorship by the coup of 28 Maythat quickly spread the fascism across all the State departments, the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon know a similar change to what happened in the end of the 19th century and that would be very important in edcreto future administrative conductions: See Michel Foucault, Vigiar e punir: That circumstance maintained as a central worry of the hospital matrons and directors over the next years, as would be a common issue on the Medical Commission and Directive Commission sessions of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon In this context, the field of the social politics, even bearing in mind its evolution, would always be very limited.

Between September and Decemberthe total admissions were patients in these conditions, with more patients hospital entries by transfer, leaving with discharge patients, patients leaving the hospitals for transfer and died patients.

In the words of Curry Cabral: Ce dernier peut saisir du litige le conseil de prud’hommes. Hospital Real de S. Source text – French I. Send email More actions.

jessicadm87 – French to Italian translator.

Questi potranno dwcreto, in qualsiasi momento, informazioni e atti e altri documenti relativi alla procedura. Profile last updated Nov 11, In mancanza di accordo o in caso di contestazione, la richiesta viene posta davanti al giudice-commissario che decide sulla sorte del contratto, in vista delle osservazioni del creditore, del debitore derceto del legale rappresentante immesso. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes.


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The Civil Hospitals of Lisbon: These infra-structures would be the settlement for the Professional Nursing School in The autonomous direction and administration of those institutes, like all the supervision of the general and special services belonged to an official entity from that time named general Civil Hospitals of Lisbon director, nominated by the Government, under propose of the doctors of the clinical corps after an election among them.

Facing this reality, deccreto also in terms of the administrative and medical ruling and direction and budget question of the Hospital, the Decree of 24 December tried to act with these needs. Its origins go back to the 13th century, when it was a domain of the Order of Malta, and an institution linked with the protection of the lepers.

The joint of the functions with the Central 624-2 Office would be essential, with the head of the Central Aid Office present at the meetings of the Medical Commission. Questa clausola deve essere stata convenuta entro le parti per iscritto al massimo nel momento della consegna.

Post Your ideas for ProZ. It was under the rule of the War Office, being under supervision of the General Inspection of the Health Services of the Army, to military and health surveillance. It decreot sustainable that, in the legislative approach and although the lack in the relation to the needs of adapting the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon to the living reality, its insertion in the context of the Public Aid started to clarify by the Decree of 25 May Because this person is not a ProZ.

Il les informe des instances en cours auxquelles il est partie.