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Le Rosaire est une prière universelle, utilisée en presque toutes les langues et dans la plupart des pays. Comment faire adopter cette prière à tout le monde?. Les mystères glorieux constituent la dernière des quatre séries de cinq mystères médités dans la prière catholique du Rosaire. . En cas de réutilisation des textes de cette page, voyez comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. 7 oct. Il composa lui-même une méthode de réciter le Rosaire, qui est restée la L’ histoire du Rosaire montre comment cette prière a été utilisée.

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It is in this sincere feeling of our sinful necessities, and the most humble and earnest cry of our heart that the fervour and very soul of our prayer consists. The Rosary, therefore, is no substitute for lectio divina; on the contrary, it presupposes and promotes it. Dominique” the question is studiously ignored. Novo millennio ineunte 6 janvier n.

Mystères glorieux

In this way it fills with prayer the days of many a contemplative, or keeps company with the sick and the elderly who have abundant time at their disposal. The traditional aid used for the recitation of the Rosary is the set of beads. Il est important que le Gloria, sommet de la contemplation, soit bien mis en relief dans le Rosaire.

I myself have often encouraged the frequent recitation of the Rosary.

Le Rosaire Vivant

To the initiated the words of the angelical salutation form only a sort of half-conscious accompaniment, a bourdon which we may liken to the “Holy, Holy, Holy” of the heavenly choirs and surely not in itself meaningless. La Documentation catholique 58col.

To her, therefore, God gave every grace and every virtue in an eminent degree of excellency and perfection. We should not be surprised that our relationship with Christ makes use of a method.

Its most characteristic element, in fact, the litany- like succession of Hail Marys, becomes in reciteer an unceasing praise of Christ, who is the ultimate object both of the Angel’s announcement and of the greeting of the Mother of John the Baptist: I count on you, consecrated men and women, called in a particular way to contemplate the face of Christ at the school of Mary.

Parents are finding it ever more difficult to follow the lives of their children as they grow to rosaiee. The mystery of light par excellence is the Transfiguration, traditionally believed to have taken place on Mount Tabor. Certainly the whole mystery of Christ is a mystery of light.


He will have us sincerely to feel and to acknowledge the weight of our evils; our extreme spiritual poverty and total insufficiency, the baseness of our guilt, the rigour of his judgments, the frightful torments of an unhappy eternity which we deserve for our sins, and the dangers from ourselves and the invisible enemies with which we are surrounded.

In like manner the praises we address to Mary in the angelical salutation are reflected in the first place on her divine Son, from whom, and by whom alone she is entitled to them; for it is for his gifts and graces, and for his sake, that we praise and honour her.

His preaching, however, was attended with much success. Even in ancient Nineveh a sculpture has been found thus described by Lavard in his “Monuments” I, plate 7: The two ends of a Russian rosary are often bound together for a short distance, so that the lines of beads run parallel hence the name ladder used for the rosaryand they finish with a three-cornered ornament often adorned with a tassel or other finial, corresponding to the cross or medal used in a Latin rosary.

We possess hundreds, even thousands, of manuscripts containing devotional treatises, sermons, chronicles, Saints’ lives, etc.


Erciter Rosary, precisely because it starts with Mary’s own experience, is an exquisitely contemplative prayer. It is to focus on the realism of the mystery of the Incarnation and on the obscure foreshadowing of the mystery of the saving Passion. So great is the sweetness of this blessed salutation, that it is not to be expressed in words, but remains deeper in the heart than can be fathomed.

Proclaiming Christ with Mary. The revival of the Rosary in Christian families, within the context of a broader pastoral ministry to the family, will be an effective aid to countering the devastating effects of this crisis typical of our age. Latterly the Melchites and the Italo-Greeks have in many places adopted among their laity a form of to the roxaire used among the laity of the Roman Ritebut its use is far from general.

The roaire part of the Hail Mary, drawn from the words spoken to Mary by the Angel Gabriel and by Saint Elizabeth, is a contemplation in adoration of the mystery accomplished in the Virgin of Nazareth. Whence, having styled the Mother blessed above all women, we pronounce the Son infinitely more blessed, saying, And blessed is the fruit of thy womb.


The custom of commnet prayers upon a string with knots or beads thereon at regular intervals has come down from the early days of Christianityand is still practised in the Eastern as well as in the Western Church.

Consequently, one reviter recite the Rosary without feeling caught up in a clear commitment to advancing peace, especially in the land of Jesus, still so sorely afflicted and so close to the heart of every Christian.

reciter le chapelet : comment prier | Religieux | Pinterest | Religion, Affirmations and Mary

The passage in question gives directions how fifty Aves are to be said divided into sets of ten, with prostrations and other marks of reverence. With what humility ought we, worms of the earth and base sinners, to address her in the same salutation!

Blessed art thou, O daughter, above recited women upon the face of the earth.

The Russian rosary is divided by the four large beads so as to represent the different parts of the canonical Office which the recitation of the rosary replaces, while the four large beads themselves represent the four Evangelists. First of all, the need to implore from God the gift of peace. Among the Greek Uniats rosary is but little used by the laity. These facts agree ill with the supposition that it took its rise in a definite revelation and was jealously watched over from the beginning roxaire one of the most learned and influential of the religious orders.

The Year of the Rosary. Risaire family members, in turning their eyes towards Jesus, also regain the ability to look one another in the eye, to communicate, commebt show solidarity, to forgive one another and to see their covenant of love renewed in the Spirit of God.

This is the crowning moment of roosaire inner journey which has brought the faithful into living contact with the mystery of Christ and his Blessed Mother. Elizabeth, Blessed art thou amongst women.