Posted on April 15, 2019


Learn about the active and inactive ports, connection diagrams, and other specifications of the Cisco Explorer HDC high definition receiver. Cisco HDC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Cisco HDC Installation Reference Manual. I can’t seem to get my harmony elite to control my DVR–time warner Cisco Ive placed HUB all over including right next to it and it does.

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This iit is also normal 8742hcc you here weird noises come from this box at nights. I was searching for more information about the new guide and I came across a link you posted on another site. Can I DVR a movie then download it to an external hard drive? Finally the last time they came out I convinced them to check the signal strength coming into my house as I am at the back end of my subdivision. After minutes it works from a longer distance and I am able to sit on my couch.

A few weeks ago, they did a major software upgrade. Be advised though that this will cause you to loose any saved shows, but it should get the box back up and running. Hey Sam, my box is showing Error code 02 when I turn it on.

Cisco HDC Cable DVR T | eBay

Time Warner did release a new firmware for those in Charlotte that now has a By the way the cable company is BrightHouse.

This info may well be a repetition of some stuff above. You probably need to program your new remote to your TV and everything should work fine. I think I will also run an IR blaster to receiver to have it on and muted when I remote in to the slingbox. The rear panel design of the is pretty clean. A bad node was found once after years of issues and found out a lot of people were complaining, just not 3 within 10 minutes.


Cisco 8742HDC Cable DVR T73588

Trees block us from switching to satellite service cable, so we are stuck with them. In sleep mode power usage drops down to about 18 watts. Sorry to hear about your TV, is it still under warranty? Has anyone had any success using the firewire port on the back? Wife is getting annoyed ciisco because she could watch the opening of SNL.

The original coders must not have had the skills to make a quality program guide. He brought up the diagnostics screen shown above and I asked him if he was allowed to show me how.

Taking a Look Inside the Cisco 8742HDC Cable Box

Changing the channel and then back to that same channel works because you are requesting the channel again. This is good as they can communicate between each other and I can play recordings at either location, regardless 87422hdc which box it is physically stored on.

My old DVR was icsco replaced with this Thanks for all your research on this box. I have had this box for just under two months. By the way none 8742hdf the methods to access the diagnostics screen work for me.

Everything I try to look at it with says it is unrecognized. When watching something I recorded and two programs begin recording, playback stops, goes to a black screen, then changes the channel to the 2nd program being recorded. The plastic is actually semitransparent allowing the signal to pass through the front bezel to the receiver.

Users manual for Explorer HDC DVR – Cisco Community

The hard drive caddy can be removed from the chassis by taking out the 4 gold screws holding it in place. Its a bandwidth saving feature we enabled. Found this and am amazed at wealth of information herein. Also when a incoming phone call comes up on the cjsco screen the box cannot be paused.


Secondly, I was looking for a key combination that would do a soft reset; I used to be able to hold down the power button on my SAHD. Also, the display is very bright, even when the unit is off.

This seems like a step backward in technology. The lower operating temperature of the drives leads to longer life spans. I know how to turn the display off always, but we like having the time on. That means that 8742hxc eSATA port is disabled.

I had another problem that the TW technician confirmed to me.

I may be old, but the blue color is not as visible to me as a light green. Although they are some nice cable management systems available such as the Blue Lounge cable organizer. You can disable it in the clock options menu of the display settings. I was wondering if the unit has radio receiver capability as I have noticed this mostly occurs when my neighbors are mostly home and ceases when they are not.

Sorry, my tv top ciso is actually a Do you know of a way to control the brightness of the display of this box? Our Holiday viewing was a nightmare.