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Aqualis Caleo high-temperature air-to-water heat pumps are specially .. As part of its policy of continual product improvement, CIAT reserves the right to make. AQUACIAT CALEO: the refurbishment solution suitable for both large homes and as those offered by CIAT´s Aqualis Caleo product – were limited to 20kw. Consult CIAT’s NAN brochure on MedicalExpo. Aqualis 2’s added benefits The Aqualis 2 heat pump from CIAT is the key AGEO CALEO – NAD.

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Walls can increase noise zqualis considerably and reflect noise in various directions. Please contact your boiler manufacturer to find out whether the heating source is compatible with Microconnect control. Selecting a location In most cases, the control terminal should be placed in the room in which the atmosphere is to be controlled. A 3 bar safety valve must be placed on the water loop.

Only qualified personnel may access the settings. Check for any loose electrical connections. Mandatory annual checks Leaks on the refrigeration circuit.

If in doubt, have an analysis performed by an acoustical engineer. Italiano 3- Using litmus paper or a pH aaualis, check the pH obtained.

Aqualis Caleo 60 – ChaleurTerre • Afficher le sujet – CIAT Aqualis Caléo 70

Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. If necessary, remove the knockouts Fig.


Protect from prevailing winds. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. With the unit running, check it thoroughly for any abnormal visual signs or noises. Accordingly, the boiler is still authorised to come on even if this fault appears. This packaged unit is designed to be installed outdoors in urban environments. NF C in France and are under the responsibility of the installer.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Depending on the geographic location and the type of mains network buried or overheadyou may have to install a lightning rod. English Installation D e u t s ch – Settings stored in memory for two hours following a power cut – Blue backlit digital display – Maximum dimensions: Boiler operation authorised symbol Application: AWG 16 to 28; or 0. If this is not the case, follow the procedure below: D e u t s ch – Open the valves on the water circuits and make sure water is flowing through the heat pump.

Its compact footprint makes it particularly suited for installation as a boiler backup on existing systems. Hoses must be used to connect the water pipes to limit as far as possible the vibrations transmitted to the building.


Minutes advance quickly when pressed and held. As the hoses are insulated, bend them at sufficiently wide angles to avoid pinching the inner tube and restricting the flow of water. The analysis will reveal whether the water is suitable for use with the various materials it will come into contact with and prevent the formation of electrolytic couples: English To protect your heating system and avoid all risks of it freezing should it be intentionally or accidentally turned off, we strongly advise that you: However, special applications e.


R L Always comply with the appropriate bend radius. No special precautions are required csleo protect it from adverse weather other than frost in areas where frost is a possibility.

Check for any water or oil leaks around the unit and make sure the condensate water drains correctly. It may be necessary to use them when starting the unit or when turning it off for extended periods of time.