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A NGK lançou para o mercado de reposição duas linhas de velas especiais, G- Power e Iridium IX, possibilitando a utilização da tecnologia em automóveis que . NGK Glow Plug Types and Features ______ page Design Symbols used in NGK Glow Plugs ______ page .. Download NGK Catalogo de Velas. Dec 26, Car SUV LCV_____________________________page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page.

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The automakers guide in their manuals that in severe usage conditions of the vehicle the interval between maintenances should be reduced by half, that is, if the automaker establishes a spark plug exchanging period every 20, km, on condition of severe usage the exchange should be performed every 10, km. Once identified the occurrence of flash over, we should replace the set of spark plugs and ignition cables simultaneously, if only one of the parts is replaced, the new part will be damaged by the old part and the defect will return mgk.

Esto se debe a que los pares de apriete se calculan multiplicando dos dimensiones: Tennplugganbefalinger i forbindelse med FAA-retningslinjer for flymotorer er ikke tatt med i denne utgaven. Tapered seat type 14 x In case of starting difficulties, do not allow current to flow continuously.

Recognizable mistakes, such as printing errors are subject to careful scrutiny by the user. If the voltage or battery capacity is too low, the glow plug will not get hot enough and the vehicle may fail to start. Fast heating type T: NGK offers in its recommendations catalog an engine failures diagnosis newsletter, where through the spark plug firing end analysis we can diagnose several malfunctions that affect the bgk plug.

In a hot spark plug the heat dissipation will be slower.



The special powders that connect the isolator with the metal bonnet ensure a perfect seal to prevent the leakage of gas internal pressure of the combustion chamber. The knock sensors have the function to provide better performance and economy of the engines. What is flash over? Range Rover TDI 2.

Naturale conseguenza sono fenomeni di surriscaldamento e danni al motore. P Questo catalogo deve essere utilizzato come indicazione generica. Catalgo BP6HS 18 Where the spark plug itself burn all the coal waste of the firing end. The torques depend on the cylinder head material and the thread diameter. When firing end is whitish, vitrified with granules or black points on the surface is a sign that occurred the overheating.

Questa edizione annulla ctalogo precedenti. Dat komt doordat een aandraaimoment berekend wordt door twee grootheden met elkaar te vermenigvuldigen: Therefore, the current flowing through the coil is constant. It should be noted that fuels like ethanol alcohol and CNG Compressed Natural Gas do not generate waste of carbonization. It is common to observe in some spark plugs the occurrence of a spot on the insulator of the spark plug.

Its main function is to conduct the electric current generated on the transformer to the combustion chamber, and turn it into high-voltage electric spark, which will start the combustion, i.

Maior rotatividade dos estoques: In the Otto cycle, these sensors allow the ignition point to operate as close as possible to the ideal.

Velas de Ignição : Categories : NGK

This characteristic ensures an excellent heat exchange expanding the operation heat range of NGK spark plugs. The high voltage coil is driven by the ignition wires to the spark plugs, where it is converted into a spark […]. MAZDA 6 6 2.

This spark plug has a great advantage, because its spark occurs on the sides of the electrodes by increasing the energy of the flame front, providing a better fuel burning and also reducing the emission of polluting gases.


Als een bougie uitvalt, is een verkeerd aandraaimoment meestal de oorzaak hiervan.

B-coluna, lado inferior esquerdo Iltis: NGK se ocupa del aumento de demanda de sus clientes. A3 YJ 64 This measurement is performed to identify the most critical condition of the engine, and so in this condition is performed the pre-ignition testing which will determine the heat rating appropriate for the respective engine. In fact, if there is a gas exhaust of the engine, we have an extremely strong and characteristic noise of escaping gases.

Basic condition for this is the proper use of the NGK product.


Ook is een breuk van de isolator of de middenelektrode denkbaar als gevolg van trillingen. The spark plugs are designed specifically for each type of engine. The coal is an electric power conductor, therefore, a carbonized vslas plug will suffer loss of insulation causing misfires. V6 24V CF2 3.

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Remember that the corona spot does not affect the operation of the spark plug. Twin Spark 16V- ti 2.

The spark plug tightness is very important, because the spark plug dissipates the heat of the celas end through the spark plug insulator and from insulator to metal bonnet and from the bonnet catalogoo the engine head. Aligned to new technologies applied to modern engines, NGK is making available on the market a new product that is the coil terminal.

Spark Plug recommendations regarding FAA guidelines for aeroplane power units are not included in this edition.