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Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd: Libretto (An Opera in Two Acts) [Benjamin Britten, E.M. Forster, Eric Crozier, Herman Melville] on *FREE* shipping. Sheet Music – £ – Libretto to Billy Budd, an opera in two acts, for soli, choir, and orchestra. Libretto by E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier, adapted from the story. BENJAMIN BRITTEN’S sixth opera, ‘Billy Budd’, with libretto by. E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier, was presented for the first time at the Royal Opera House, Covent.

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Goodbye to the old life. And good old Dansker!

Billy Budd (opera) – Wikipedia

Get his knife arm. Billy refuses the bribe and believes he will be rewarded, but Dansker warns him to beware of Claggart. Billy calls out “Starry Vere, God bless you!

He is interrupted by the cry that a French ship has been sighted. He goes into the cabin where Billy is being held, and the orchestra suggests a tender offstage meeting as the captain informs Billy of the death sentence.


Eyes on the deck! Don’t come to me with so foggy a tale. I tried to answer him back. O Baby, get him down! Back with the guns! How did this start? VERE Speak, man, speak.

Claggart begins to tell Vere about the danger that Billy represents, but is interrupted by the sighting of a French ship. A second party of men, including Donald, arrives dragging holystones. I summon on drum-head court. Archived from the original on 2 March The Articles of War are read, and show that Billy must be hanged. Archived from the original on 9 March For show her heels she will to a certainty. Vere stands rigidly at the side. No, you cannot escape!

ALL Orders to rejoin the fleet! The main-deck and quarter-deck, some days later The ship is surrounded by mist as Claggart approaches Captain Vere to make a complaint about a danger to the ship. Librtto come and tell me.

Billy begs Vere to save him, and the officers appeal to him for guidance, but Vere remains silent and accepts their verdict. I’ll do anything to serve you, anything. Years later, Vere reflects on the grace he was shown by Billy, despite failing to save him. Seems I can’t do anything right here.

Opera Profile: Britten’s “Billy Budd”

Britten originally intended the title role for Geraint Evanswho prepared it but then withdrew because it lay too high for his voice. O God, grant me light to guide us, to guide us all! Now stand to attention.


Why not buy the whole Album? At the same time a cutter approaches, returning from a merchant ship where it has pressed three sailors into the Royal Navy.

Blow her to Hilo, Riley. Billy Budd, king of the world! Short by half a mile. Down with the French. Yet the angel must hang. Say farewell, we’ve a long way to go!

Benjamin Britten – Billy Budd, op. 50 – libretto

Billy goes for some tobacco to cheer him up, and discovers Squeak rifling through his kit. He thumps the table It’s wearisome! Main deck and quarter-deck Epilogue. To Billy Down, sir! And Dansker, old friend, I’ve heard a tale.

You’ve no right to press me. Do they think I’m deaf?