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Taking into account the different types of consumers on the art market, a behavioral approach to the analysis should be also considered. The most commonly mentioned concepts related to regional development are the competitiveness of the region, sustainable development and regional resilience.

The skryot tion of resilience originates from ecological sciences and in such an approach means the bio-capacity of organisms to adapt and develop under disadvantageous conditions or, in the case of ecosystems, has a similar meaning to their stability or elasticity [Vatnp. Social capital plays the role of a stimulating agent for endogenous potentials aimed at regional development.

The pursuit of growth based on unconditional production and consumption increase denies the aims of such development [Rogallp.


In line with the goal: Its value is manifested by a broad spectrum of influences referring to diverse areas of human activity. There is no clear definition of this notion.

These two terms — resilience and competitiveness — are often put together. Russia is importing more art than exporting. As mentioned earlier, the system is made up of not only its components and tasks they perform, but also of mutual interaction entered into by these elements.

However, it also has to be pointed out that one of the more important effects resulting from the above mentioned innovation processes should be the supply of innovative technologies and services to the final recipient, thus confirming the usefulness of initiatives undertaken in the context of socio-economic growth support.

Resilience is also connected with the foundations of sustainable development that involve not only socio-economic questions but also ecological ones,1 namely eco- efficiency, environmentally less damaging production consumption and taking into consideration ecological limits [Bristowp. Obtaining such resources in various ways, e.

Teoretyczne aspekty gospodarki regionalnej Ryszard Brol: Conclusions This research has proved that the global art market has its regional peculiarities influencing its further development. At the same time, the duty-free status of imported and exported works of art to and from the USA has been one of the features that promoted its development. The system model and the functions performed by its components Having assumed the above, the model of the Polish RIS implementation system was constructed based on two groups of elements.

At regional level of territorial systems innovation, as an economic category — un- derstood as the capacity to participate in an innovation cycle — is perceived as the objective of development. Positive examples of implementing regional smart specialization strategy In the existing published works on smart specialisation, there can be found positive examples of its usage.


Does smart growth enhance economic cohesion? Together with these entities it creates the above-mentioned system. According to it, there is a defined set of operations for: Therefore, the beneficiaries represent clients of the system and the system does not work for its own sake, even though a situation is possible when a particular entity functions simultaneously as the implementing entities group member and as the beneficiary.

This part is therefore focused on assigning the feedback quality to the implementation system which links the regional system of pro-innovation planning with the effects of its pro-innovative intervention. These are as follows: Some authors treat all three ideas as mutually supplementary. We would like to express our gratitude to the conference participants for their extensive input in the following publication.

The approach towards creative industries defining certain flexibility is also applied, which results from the specific and diversified nature of the activities conducted in a particular territory.

In the rest of the world this kind of assets accounted only for 2. The theory of endogenous development assumes that all regional capitals natural, physical, human, social come into being in the process of accumulation.

Such an aim is consistent with the theory of endogenous regional development. From the point of view of the needs of sustainable development, it is im- portant to create such a transportation system which will allow to achieve not only economic goals but also social and ecological ones.

Another function, the promotional one, consists in efforts to disseminate information about RIS content and taking up activities carried out within the course of its implementation where entrepreneurs, individuals considering undertaking business activities, innovation creators and owners of intellectual property become its primary addressees.

With reference to human capital, the process of knowledge accumulation, in the form of knowledge capital, is crucial from the perspective of innovation sources, since it is the background of innovation understood as the capacity to create innovation within all fields of regional development. The golden triangle — the symbol of RIS — is constructed of three types of institutions constituting the triangle vertices, i.

The next assumption refers to planning and implementing entities. The European Commission has prepared a platform of services S3 to endorse regions and countries in their efforts to devise and implement a smart specialisation strategy. Entrepreneurs claimed that congestion already caused an increase in the cost of doing business; 2 failing to take action to improve the state of infrastructure might result in the loss of million USD a year bywhich is USD per household and 6, jobs.


Consequently, the impact on the level of employment can also be double-edged. Final remarks The triad of innovation cycle invention — innovation — diffusion can be identified and analyzed both in relation to entities and sectors of the economy and also with reference to territorial systems of global, national, regional and local dimensions. Regional Innovation Strategies have been prepared for all regions.

Some positive examples are presented in the next section of the paper. Regional growth should be identified with socio-economic development occurring in a region and referred to as the increase of regional economic potential manifesting itself by the improved living standards of its inhabitants and a higher level of competitiveness. Introduction Nowadays, the most frequently mentioned concepts related to regional develop- ment remain the competitiveness of the region, sustainable development and re- gional resilience.

The research objective is to identify specific features of art markets in different regions of the world and work out recommendations for the further development of the Ukrainian art market taking into account the international experience. These segments are the least volatile and are not exposed to the influence of the recession, as was proved in — We had the pleasure and honour to host research workers from many national and foreign universities, as well as practitioners representing local authorities.

Resilience, competitiveness and sustainable development of the region — similarities and differences The latter, taking the role — usually by agreement — of implementing or co- implementing entities, are incorporated into the system as strategic cooperation partners. It is also emphasized that the existence of an emotional bond with a particular place, the surrounding landscape, the community residing in a given area, the products of material and spiritual culture represent important determinants of territorial identity [Deffner, Mataxasp.

Human capital and social capital resources in a given region represent endogenous driving forces which create both regional and also local territorial unit begh, as well as regional and local development. Innovations and the creation of knowledge are named as one of the fundamental factors of competitiveness and resilience. Introduction The objective of the this paper is to transfer begb category of innovation to the level of local and regional territorial units.


The conclusions selected set out in the report of the study are as follows [Economic Development Research Grouppp. On the Chinese art market the distribution is mostly represented by auctions rather than galleries or skrrypt. The main consumers are collectors buying artworks from their own region.