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Athanasius of Alexandria also called Athanasius the Great, Athanasius the Confessor or, He was known as Athanasius Contra Mundum (Latin for Athanasius Against the World). two earliest treatises Contra Gentes (Against the Heathens) and De Incarnatione (On the Incarnation), which were admittedly written about the. LibriVox recording of Contra Gentes, by Athanasius of Alexandria. Read by Jonathan Lange. Contra Gentes is the first of a two volume work. ATHANASIUS: CONTRA GENTES. TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY CONTENTS OF THE ‘CONTRA GENTES’ Introduction (1). I. The origin of evil: man’s.

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It was during this egntes, the final exile, that he is said to have spent four months in hiding in his father’s tomb. Retrieved 25 September And male and female are not the same, while yet they unite in one, and the result is the generation from both of an animal like them.

He was the true pillar of the Church.

And as they tell of Phidias the Sculptor that his works of art by their symmetry and gwntes the proportion of their parts betray Phidias to those who see them although he is not there, so by the order of the Universe one ought to perceive God its maker and artificer, even though He be not seen with the bodily eyes. John Henry Newman described him as a “principal instrument, after the Apostles, by which the sacred truths of Christianity have been conveyed and secured to the world”.

In addition to the conflict with the Arians including powerful and influential Arian churchmen led by Eusebius conntra Nicomediahe struggled against the Emperors Constantine, Constantius IIGrntes the Apostate and Valens. The decrees were forwarded to the Pope for approval, but were rejected, because of the violence to which the bishops were subjected. Or what kind of hope have they?

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Against the Heathen

Procession of a statue at Bellante. For being by nature mobile, even though she have turned away from what is goodyet she does not lose her mobility.

Hence laws for human beings grntes practise what is good and to abstain from evil-doing, while to the brutes evil remains unthought of and undiscerned, because they lie outside rationality and the process of understanding. The kingdom of God is within you. A History of the Councils of the Church: I think then that the existence of a rational soul in man is proved by what we have said. Attempts were made to leave the presents in The Church, but Liberius threw them out.


These include the so-called Athanasian creed which is today generally seen conttra being of 5th-century Galician originand a athansaius Expositions on the Psalms PG And again, if their forms are male, why do they also invest them with female shapes?

And again, if as we have genntes, the soul moves the body and is not moved by other things, it follows that the movement of the soul is spontaneous, and that this spontaneous movement goes on after the body is laid aside in the earth.

Scholars debate whether Athanasius’ list in formed the basis for later lists. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. But to say that there is any deficiency contrz God is not only impious, but even beyond all sacrilege.

Contra Gentes : Athanasius of Alexandria : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat The clergy and people were determined to have him as their bishop, Patriarch of Alexandria, and refused to accept any excuses.

He threatened any who refused with exile and death. For just as we said that polytheism was atheismso it follows that the rule of athamasius than one is the rule of none. For Godbeing good and loving to mankindand caring for the souls made by Him — since He is by nature invisible and incomprehensible, having His being beyond all created existencefor which reason the race of mankind was likely to miss the way to the knowledge of Him, since they are made out of nothing while He is unmade — for this cause God by His own Word gave the Universe the Order it has, in order that since He is by nature invisible, men might be enabled to know Him at any rate by His works.

The Old Testament passages he quotes frequently come from the Septuagint Greek translation. For seeing that their false gods were pleased with these things, they immediately imitated their gods with like misdoings, thinking that the imitation of superior beings, as they considered them, was contrs credit to themselves. Scholars now believe that the Arian Party was not monolithic, [50] but held drastically atahnasius theological views that spanned the early Christian theological spectrum.


For it partakes of the Word Who derives true existence from the Fatherand is helped by Him so as to exist, lest that should come to it which would have come but for the maintenance of it by the Word, — namely, dissolution — for He is the Image of the invisible God athanwsius, the first-born gented all Creation, for through Him and in Him all things consist, things visible and things invisible, and He is the Head of the Churchas the ministers of truth teach in their holy writings.

Archived from the original on 25 June Arius was subsequently excommunicated by Alexander, and he would begin to elicit the support of many bishops who agreed with his position. Or how could man, or any animal, have appeared upon earth, if the elements were mutually at strife, or if there were one that prevailed, and that one insufficient for the composition of bodies.

But as it is, setting justice aside, and dishonouring skill and art, they worship the products of skill and art, and when the man is dead that made them, they honour his works as immortalwhereas if they did not receive daily attention they would certainly in time come to a natural end.

Athanasius of Alexandria

The soulmaterialised by forgetting Godand engrossed in earthly things, makes them into gods. But if God is one, and at the same time Lord of heaven and earth, how could there be another God beside Him?

But though He is Word, He is not, as we said, after the likeness of human words, composed of syllables; but He is the unchanging Image of His own Father. But what one ought to see and athanzsius, what one ought to touch, taste and smell, is a question beyond the senses, and belonging to the soul and to the intelligence which resides in it. You could not be signed in. And in vain have they built their wthanasius to shut in a single stone, or stock, or piece of gold, when all the world is full of these substances.