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In this u can get free urdu tafseer of Quran para 11 to 20,tafseer ashraful havashi urdu pdf by api Download Ashraf-ul-Hawashi apk for Android. Ashraf-ul-Hawashi – Quran Translation and Tafseer by Sheikh M. Abdahul-Falah. Ashraf ul Hawashi. (Arabic text with two Urdu translations and commentary). Arabic text with Urdu translations by Shah Rafi-ud-din Dehlvi & Nawab Waheed Uz.

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This Tafseer deals extensively with issues faced by themodern world in general and the Muslim community in particular. Know your global and city rank. Facility to bookmark hawashj article and read later frombookmarks section.

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Ashraf-ul-Hawashi – Quran Translation and Tafseer apk |

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Ashraf-ul-Hawashi – Quran Translation and Tafseer

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