Posted on February 25, 2019


Numerous kinds of content repositories are provided these days, some of them are Open source like Apache Jackrabbit while others are still closed source and. You could look also at Silverpeas code. It’s using Jackrabbit with some simple code to create nodes, browse them etc. For example take a look. Readers performing this tutorial have just finished an overview of Apache Jackrabbit and the JCR specifications and are looking for examples.

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The path syntax follows common file system conventions: In this article, Aapache will focus on the document storage flavor, which stores data in document-oriented format.

First Hops

More substantial content applications could also be written as web application or EJB components with different setup and error handling patterns. This means developer decisions on how to access a specific feature may be confusing or provide too many options to them. When it finishes refresh the root of your project in your IDE and take a look now. Self explanatory, but jackrabbif is how we log out of a session. Toggle navigation Aapache Vs World. If you get lost during the tutorial, you can get the code for this example on GitHub.

Currently there are only guest and simple credentials included with the version we are using.

java – How to learn using content repository and Apache JackRabbit? – Stack Overflow

Update to match the style of previous hops. Now if go to the command line and do a mvn compile exec: There are other features that Oak provides that are not covered in this article like indexing, searching documents, access control mechanisms, etc.

A simple way to access the root node is to call the Session. Alternatively, if you use the Apache Maven build system which we recommendyou can set up your first hops project with the following dependencies. The path tutorual a node or property can tutorjal retrieved using the Item.


Find out more about the Jackrabbit Architecture or learn more about the Jackrabbit deployment Options be it as an embedded content repository to be delivered with you are application, a shared repository for example in a J2EE environment or a classical content repository server setup.

Well its really pretty easy to explain. Nodes and properties can be removed using the Item. You will see repository startup exceptions caused by the turorial file if you fail to properly close all sessions or otherwise shut down the repository before leaving the process that accesses a repository.

Welcome to your first hops into the world of Jackrabbit!

A JCR property can contain either a single or multiple values of a given type. It appears some directories were created for you and some new config files where placed in the root of the jac,rabbit automatically.

Jackrabbit returns “anonymous” by default. Each content node and property is uniquely identified by its absolute path within the workspace.

Apache Jackrabbit – Starting From Scratch – Programmer Vs World

In order to execute the main method of our console application in Maven, we will need to add a plugin that will allow us to run our project using Maven. The default Jackrabbit login mechanism accepts only username and password as valid credentials for known users.

Note that a Session instance is not guaranteed to be thread-safe so you should start multiple sessions if you need to access repository content simultaneously from different threads. But lets look at what we accomplished in this code. Now lets open up our IDE and import this project use whatever you like. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience.

This will just speed some things up for us later. Start with the Examples page. Now, let’s start with some real code to see how we can create a repository with MongoDB. In the most extreme case this behavior may result in no node at all being added as child of parentAbsPath.


It is a good practice to properly release all acquired resources, and the JCR sessions are no exception. The change will be tutoria, on save. Tags apache felix jackrabbit osgi sling video. Post as a guest Name. Note that a Jackrabbit repository directory contains a lock file that prevents it from being accessed simultaneously by multiple processes.

First Hops Welcome to your first hops into the world of Jackrabbit! This will help get us comfortable with Maven and building out your own project structures.

Getting Started with Apache Jackrabbit

Typically, content repositories act as the storage engine for larger applications such as a content management system or a document management system. This way other sessions could also access the example content we just created. It’s yutorial Jackrabbit with some simple code to create nodes, browse them etc.

The Repository paache contains some constants that can be used to query information using this method. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You could look also apwche Silverpeas code. Redis Enterprise as a Database for Microservices. A very good entry point for utilities related code examples is JcrUtils. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

So whats all this? Since we use the TransientRepository class as the Repository implementation, this step will also cause the repository turorial be initialized. You can participate by answering questions on the mailing list, filing bug reports for any problems or improvement ideas you come up with, contributing to the Jackrabbit Wiki, or writing documentation and code.

Segment storage is optimized for max performance in standalone environments, whereas document storage is designed for scalability in clustered environments.