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Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text Then you process file with Apache FOP, a Java application that. You should also take a look at the information about SVG support in FOP at the apache website: Bob Stayton. Apache™ FOP: General questions¶. What is Apache™ FOP?¶; .. Older DocBook style sheets generate fo:table-with-caption elements, so watch out.

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The DocBook DTD Apacche Type Definition contains rules which specify the structure of a valid DocBook document, for example, the order that elements may appear and valid attributes etc.

Note Some stylesheets may define that nested lists are of a different numeration by default. A template for a DocBook article is shown below:. If you your documents to have the same style as the tutorials then use this customisation layer.

All of the arguments to the command are in the form of options, and they can be presented in any order. For a long time, version 0. Not all extension functions in each product are used by the DocBook stylesheets.

In this tutorial it is used to transform FO output produced by xsltproc into PDF which is a well known format considered by many to be aesthetically pleasing. If you are using XEP, then set the xep.


FOP is also a Java program, so it is easy to install, especially if you already are using Java programs such as Saxon or Xalan. Often one wants to illustrate the use of a program or a apacbe, the screen element is intended to mark content up as text that a user would see on a computer screen. You might not use all the tools but they are worth having around in case you decide you need them.

More information about customising stylesheets can be found at http: Download the latest stylesheets from http: To install libxml on a Windows machine apacge needs to download the Windows binaries and libraries.

DocBook is the first thing that came to mind, but as it is usually the case the things are not so simple as they should be.

Getting Upto Speed With DocBook

The programlisting element is used to display information that should be output verbatim, that is, white space is significant. I have created a customisation layer which looks good enough for standard applications and am offering it to download. That site will also provide you with detailed instructions for getting started with FOP. One could use stylesheets such that, in HTML rendered output, the phrase used in the textobject would become the alternative text in an image in the HTML.

It is used internally by FOP. Since I do not like to repeat myself I wanted a system that is capable of generating documentation dkcbook variety of formats, PDF being the most important one. In Arbortext, the element is fo: Download the latest version of the Fop application, from http: Assume that a file called test.


Some stylesheets may define that nested lists are of a different numeration by rocbook. This section will detail how to install the tools required to validate and process XML DocBook documents. For example, on my home machine.

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP

Here is a quick description of some of the features:. If I am running a Windows system I have a directory called c: References And links you may find useful. Some common inline elements 3. Validation is beneficial because a valid document is less likely to break processing tools if a valid document does break a processing tool it is likely that the processing tool is broken and not the document.

docbook-apps message

Provides the support library for SVG graphics. Accented characters are replaced with hashes if you do not use a font that supports multi-byte characters.

But you may wish to get the latest versions, in which case, goto ftp: