Posted on April 12, 2019


Hello, im getting a Ampeg SVTHLF and a SVTE soon. I wonder which head i should get: Ampeg B4r or SVT-4 Pro. Any experience?. Hybrid Slinkys/DL’s. Boogie +. Boogie Powerhouse Ampeg B4R BagEnd-S15X-D & SD GK RB (backup/loaner) Bayou Cables. I found it very versatile as far as achieving what tones I like. Which is normally along the clanker side. Always had interacted well with any bass that I used.

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Originally B4g by bovinehost. Search in titles only Search in Bass Guitar only Search. If the B4R has more headroom, then I imagine it’s a good choice.

What’s the verdict on the Ampeg B4R? | Harmony Central

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What’s the verdict on the Ampeg B4R?

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Ampeg B4R Rackmount Bass Amplifier Head (1000 Watts)

It’s just as if you paid the whole amount up front! See all Ampeg Products. People who bought this item also bought. Everything a gigging musician would need. Never used one myself.

I went the other way, but did sound real nice. Really Jack, if you ever connect on a flight or anything around here let me know, I’ll even string up one of the leftys backwards for ya!

I’ve several old buddys I need to catch up with there as well, maybe after the first of the year I can retrace the Bob Wills 41 tour. I sold a Peavey T-Max to a local bassist in another band, and he turned over one of those to swing the deal – and is way happier with the T-Max than he was with the Ampeg Very loud and clean.

Ampeg: B Series – B-4R

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I have no personal experience with the newer Ampeg stuff. No minimum purchase required. No application to mail or fax, no bills to pay.

And I could not tell the difference in sound between the B4R and 4 pro. I run it through Avatar and cabs bridged mono. The best thing I ever did with amepg rig, was get a sonic maximizer, and now I run the EQ practically flat.

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