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3rd Year Seminar ReportOn ALCOHOL AS AN ALTERNATIVE FUEL IN I.C ENGINES Undertaken by: MITHUN SARKAR Roll No IC engines because of their high octane rating, burning velocities, and wider Appendix A. Both acts are mandating the procurement of alternative fuel vehicles. Alcohols have been used as a fuel. The first four aliphatic alcohols are of interest as fuels . into its main agenda. Alcohol fuels had become part of five main alternative fuels: Two of which were alcohols; methanol and ethanol.

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Archived from the original on 7 March These include coal, petroleum, natural gas, biomass, wood, i.c.enginws, and even the ocean. Using a variable geometry or twin scroll turbochargerthe compression ratio can be optimized for the fuel, making fuel economy almost constant for any blend.

Despite these drawbacks, DuPont and BP have recently announced that they are jointly to build a small scale butanol fuel demonstration plant [10] alongside the large bioethanol plant they are jointly developing with Associated British Foods. It provides this information to the onboard computer, which then adjusts the engine to maximize efficiency and performance.

Retrieved 29 April Archived from the original on Alcohols have an almost invisible flame, which is considered dangerous when handling fuel.

Alcohol fuel

Methanol fuel has been proposed as a future biofuel, often as an alternative to the hydrogen economy. Archived from the original on 28 August Ln 24 October Archived from the original PDF on 5 October Alcohol-fuelled engines generally have difficulty in starting at temperatures below 10 C.


This revision to the law is altsrnative not to be able to sell alcohol fuel greater than E3 in Japan. The total amount of energy input into the process compared to the energy released by burning the resulting ethanol fuel is known as the energy balance or ” energy returned on energy invested “.

Use as internal combustion engine fuel Both methanol and ethanol burn at lower temperatures than gasoline, and both are less volatile, making engine starting i.c.engjnes cold weather more difficult.


The Clean Air Act requires the addition of oxygenates to reduce carbon monoxide emissions in the United States. It is also altrenative that the open loop modes of operation not be ignored. One advantage shared by the four major alcohol fuels is their high octane rating. Archived from the original PDF on 28 May alcohkl These soluble contaminants, halide ions such i.c.enginds chloride ions, have a large effect on the corrosivity of alcohol fuels.

Ethanol contains more oxygen than gasoline. The engine control computer can also adjust advance the ignition timing to achieve a higher output without pre-ignition when it predicts that higher alcohol percentages are present in the fuel being burned. The air-fuel mixture, in gaseous form is then delivered to the intake system of a conventional internal combustion engine.

Assessing Bio fuels” PDF. Ethanol production possible using existing technology.

Retrieved 8 May Archived alternatlve the original PDF on 22 November Revenge of the Electric Car. Soluble contaminants, such as aluminium hydroxide, itself a product of corrosion by halide ions, clog the fuel system over time. Welbaum 12 September The technology uses heat to reform ethanol into hydrogen to feed what is known as a solid oxide fuel cell SOFC.


This method is backed up by advanced knock sensors — used in most high performance gasoline engines regardless of whether they are designed to use ethanol or not — that detect pre-ignition and detonation.

Thus, many people will die have already died! Finally, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry also joined this campaign. This is because of the lower air-fuel ratio needed by alcohol. Sugarcane Molasses Agricultural waste Low average cost of Rs.

Intwo different companies announced home-scale ethanol production systems. Once ablaze, the flames give out very little light making it very hard to see the fire or even estimate its size, especially in bright daylight.

The principal ingredient was methanol. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved from ” https: In a study, complex engine controls and increased exhaust gas recirculation allowed a compression ratio of Fermentation takes place in an aqueous solution. In this condition, the driver wants the car to accelerate immediately; wants a surge of power, as opposed to the engine gradually building up power as it would in normal mode of operation.

Methanol is the simpler molecule, and ethanol can be made from methanol.

This is canceled out by the greater uptake of carbon dioxide by the plants as they grow to produce the biomass.