Posted on February 23, 2019


Note: Agilent Technologies encoders are not recommended for use in safety critical applications. Eg. ABS braking systems, power steering, life support systems. Agilent HEDS, HEDS lpi Analog Output. Small Optical Encoder Modules. Data Sheet. Description. The HEDS/HEDS series is a high . All Products. Quick Order Cabinet Ay Kit , $ UNSPSC: Request Quote Add to cart. Create a List. List Name *.

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This is a linear optical encoder for reading a position of the printer line feed or head.

In that case he needed to arrange the threshold so to have an logic high if over half of the power supply voltage. If you can help me achieving this, I would seriously be most grateful, Andrea. I was planning to use interrupt counting with Arduino Uno R3. I had assumed that was a part number, but after googling for 30 minutes and having no luck I’m beginning to wonder if it relates to the encoders themselves? I was planning to have one of the encoder strip attached to the moving object, and the sensor in a fixed reference frame.

If agillent think that the question is not clear enough, I will be happy to provide more details.

Agilent (Hewlett-Packard)

Very simply, I am trying to accurately measure the distance that the encoder strip has moved, while it being agiilent unidirectionally not back and forth by a moving object at a non constant speed. Agilent VEE Pro 8. Agilent has developed a wide range of custom switch matricesinclude: July 3, at 4: Why do you want to use it?


There is a 60 Ohm resistance between the anode of the led and Gnd. As you can see from the picture there is some uggly welding coming out from the sides of the connector. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) – datasheet pdf

However, the Agilent Technologiesin the software environment that best suits you: There is even the Agilent that I need. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Agilent has done all the programming for you. Read times previous topic – next topic. So now I’m agilemt. Have a look at this, agllent should help you understand what’s going on.: The Agilent 8 A offers a choice of output modules: A forum search for that may save you a lot of time.

The pin out in in the picture too. EA EA E shmoo plot analysis. I apologize for bumping up this message probably not good netiquette but I really need some help here please.

Arduino and identifying Optical Encoders? Tags agilentAgilentencoderhpprinterPSC You are commenting using your Twitter account. Your picture shows an optical linear encoder on the HP board. So what I had shown earlier is an optical switch?

It could be an easier aglient for some other guy who finds the same situation. Easily connecttest instruments more easily than ever. I agiilent been searching for the specs for similar optical encoders made by Aglient for a while too.

Ah well, I’ll search the forums anyway – thanks. Ran Talbott Edison Member Posts: Email required Address never made public. I need to have a precision of the speed of the movement of the encoder strip that is below the 10 microns over 10 millisecs. You are commenting using your WordPress. I have an Agilent encoder from an Hp printer and thanks to your post I figure out that are sine agilen. September 30, at 6: Create a free website or blog at WordPress.


Could you tell me, which one is correct? Sorry that’s about all I have without a datasheet on the opto device. Beginning to think it might be simpler to just buy a rotary encoder new. In this case he uses a comparator because the output of the encoder is a sinusoidal shape signal that must be compared with the half of its amplitute to become a squared shape signal.

Could you show me picture wit the pinout of Agilent ?

Minimize risk and enhance performance An RFmatrix to provide signal conditioning. After I removed the screws I saw a nice carriage with DC motor and optical encoder. Two of the six pins are obviously for powering the LED on one half of the plastic housing, and I can see an LED emitting red light xgilent there.

How do you get the channel A and channel B signal of the encoder?