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AFI 36 3014 PDF

AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION 1 SEPTEMBER Personnel. CLOTHING ALLOWANCES FOR AIR FORCE. PERSONNEL. OPR: HQ USAF/ DPDFQ. 1–6, Developing, Managing, and Conducting Training AFI , Survival and Leave Program AFI , Family Support Center Program AFI and COM-NAVRESFORINST series (reference (ba)). C. Air Force: DFAS- DE M, DFAS-DE M (reference (ap)), and AFI (reference.

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Projet de programmes courts de 2e cycle en gestion strategique des. Military members of the Air Force shall be compensated for clothing items destroyed, damaged, lost, abandoned, captured, or otherwise rendered 3041, incident to military training or service, if the loss was not caused by any fault or negligence of the Airman.

Uniform replacment : AirForce

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