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Adh Khila Gulab Authored by award winning poet, writer, columnist and palmist Hafiz Muzaffar Mohsin is a comic book contains interesting comedy stories and. Adh Khila Gulab is a collection of funny humourous articles written by award winning poet, writer, columnist and palmist Hafiz Muzaffar Mohsin published in. Abdul Majik Malik | Adh Khila Gulab ka Phool | ادھ کھلا گلاب کا پھول۔۔۔ از: عبدالماجد ملک. – July 26, Posted in: Urdu Articles. Abdul Majid Malik, Lahore .

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Taien Taien Fish is his most famous work of humour and received overwhelming response of urdu readers from all over the world.

The exchanges between Akbar and Birbal have been recorded in many volumes. He himself was illiterate, but he invited several learned people in his court.

Following are some of the columns included in this book: Its a story of a young novice Jinn Demon who posessed a Beautiful Girl but later fell in love and wanted to marry her. Its a collection of his articles written mostly in Akhbar-e-Khawateen Karachi. Many of these have become folk stories in Indian tradition.

Rashid Nazir Tahir on the theme yulab Demonic Posession gulb with a unique different touch. The names of his books are: Once he found a strange book of medicines and with help of the book, he made Medicine of Courage, Medicine of Honesty and Medicine of Invisibility. Birbal is surely one of the most popular figures in Indian history equally regarded by adults and children. The story is about a young man who had keen interest in ancient manuscripts he khula buys from old book sellers.


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Posted by Muhammad Tufail at He was a minister in the administration of Mogul Emperor Akbar and one of the members of inner council of nine advisors. He has written many books on travelogue, poetry, humour, children books and a book on astrology.

Peer Sahib Exorciser came up with some crazy ideas and it developed many funny situations. He has over 9 books on his credit, most of them are collection of humour and stire articles written time to time on different magazines and web sites.

Free Pakistani Urdu Novel Books Blog: Bajang Amad karnal muhammad khan

Many courtiers of Akbar, were jealous with Birbal and often plotted for his downfall. We are sure, kitaabghar.

Following articles are included in this book: Newer Post Older Post Home. Among these people, nine were very famous and were called Nav Ratna nine jewels of the Mogul Crown of his court. The book has been published many times, proving its popularity.

Following is included in this book: Akbar Beerbal Stories are very famous and popular in India and Pakistan among all ages of people, also known by other names like Beerbal Stories. No Khezian, Don’t worry, shararti, taien taien fish, chhari short storiesankhain ghazal hain aap ki ghazliattalisma novel. There are many stories found on this issue too.

Adh Khila Gulab

Following articles and essays are included in this book: He is also a serious writer, poet, journalist and columnist. Birbal was one of them and most known of his valuable advice and problems solving.


We hope, urdu lovers will find this book very informative and productive. Sheen Qaaf, zuban ki khichri, purab pachhim, aqama, zuban-e-yaar, funkar, maherban, self-made, hoe tum humsafer jiske, safar bakhair, chief accountant, hum ne driving seekhi, parikhanay ka musafir, chichawatni, bus bhai bus, jannat-e-niswan, gulabb diet. Following essays are included adj this book: This book has selective 34 pieces of urdu humour and satire including essays, short story, articles, column and sketches, by the 34 different authors khjla Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to Muhammad Khalid Akhtar.

We are sure, kitaab ghar readers will like this Humorous and Funny Novel. All characters are unique and writer has showed all the good and bad qualities of these characters but in light manner so readers feel good and smile during reading.

Adh Khila Gulab By Hafiz Muzaffar Mohsin | Free Urdu Pdf Books

His book Chharji has won an award. This book is 24th addition to his credit. Pari Khanay Ka Musafir by Jamil Usman is a collection of his 17 light humourous articles and character sketches written on various personalities of his friends khilaa other characters he observed during his stay in Gulf States.