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Step by step AccessDiver tutorial. this are only made for Athena and Energy. This tutorial is for complete beginners. I want to . access diver tutorial – posted in General talk: Got it from L A W I N A old server, just think should share here with yo all. Even though i didn’t. Now Go To Settings>>>>>Now Go To Proxy and Click>>>>Now All You Need Is To Load Proxies And Combolist>>>>>>>>To Load Proxies.

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A good word list contains commonly used words. No replies to this topic. On the left side are server’s responses.

Unlike the rest of life, size isn’t everything here; a list of username: A good, diligent Tuttorial should ensure that any IP trying to log-in more than a few times a day is blocked. Simply typing Proxy List into Google will give you hundreds of free lists.

However, be aware that with some websites, even if they fulfil the previous two criteria, will not be vulnerable. Now you should check anonymity od acvessdiver proxies.

Using it in this way may be illegal in your country of residence, and may result in criminal prosecution. Next time it won’t take so much time.

Run it and set “My Skill” level to expert. Once again select all your proxies, and then click on the “Confidentiality tester”. After you have copied the site’s members’ url, make sure that everything is set correctly; the word list has to be loaded, your proxies have to be checked, accessciver double-check on your settings.

access diver tutorial

It is a applaciation file. Have a nice time. Just click on the check mark to remove the check mark. The green box shows how many of your proxies are working; as you can see, you can still achieve good access rates with only ten or twenty working proxies out of your list. Double click it to install it.


If someone else can, please respond tuforial this thread, but this tutorial will only cover non-HTML attacks. You can use those url’s from the screen but I don’t know how long they will live. You can use Google tjtorial search for some sites listing them. When you click this another box pops up i click on 4 accesssiver 5 that way i only keep levels 1,2,3.

That is the number of proxies it found in the file. After you’re done with the first test, move on to the next one by clicking on the ” Confidentiality Tester ” button. Now, select all your proxies, right click and select “Delete everything non-operational and not anonymous”. Weak log-ins are ttuorial in your “History”.

Any found log-ins will be displayed in the yellow box at the bottom. Here we come to the nitty gritty; Access Diver is a great program, but it’s success will depend entirely on two factors; your proxy list, and your word list. Even though i didn’t crack a lot of sites futorial this i cracked a few and basically it all depends upon your wordlist and proxies u have.

Now click “Confidentiality tester”.

***** A Tutorial To Use AccessDiver *****

We now need to filter out any non-anonymous proxies proxy servers that will spill your real IP to the target server Select the proxy judge tab. After you attack a site you will have proxies that r and that can be used against other sites. I won’t describe HTML form cracking now cause it’s another story. OK; we have our proxy and word lists loaded, our settings are correct, we’ve identified the target and analyzed it; now let’s Access Dive The Attack; Press the “Standard” attack button next to the server bar.


This tutorial is for complete beginners. Now leave Access Diver to check your proxies for anonymity. Click on a proxy. First up, this is pretty basic stuff; it’s not “hacking”, it’s not advanced, and it won’t work for anything like every website. The one exception to this is at the very start of an attack; at any one time, many of your proxies will be down. All information in this thread is for educational purposes only, and should on no account be considered endorsed by the author, or by any server which links to this page.

When done, click “Add in wordlist” right-click will add this leech on top of your current wordlist. I recommend starting at about 15 and working slowly up. OK, Now you ttuorial a nice set of anonymous proxies I usually get between Right click and choose “remove duplicates”. When i save a file of proxies from a site i save it in txt form then use raptor to remove spaces. There is also a ad banner click on this also just to get rid of it.

Rember this will also tutorila all other proxies. Community Forum Software by IP.

Sometimes a pj might only be down at this time and later it is back up. You’ll need to hide behind anonmous proxies. Right-click over the list and from the menu choose “Remove duplicates”.