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22TCN 304-03 PDF

used for the same purpose as defined in Tables 1 and 2 in 22 TCN The materials must comply with specified grading and plasticity. 22 TCN CONSTRUCTION METHODS. Prior to laying the sub-base or base, the Contractor shall correct any deformations, ruts, soft spots or other. 22 Tháng Mười Hai 22 TCN *) Quy trnh th nghim xc nh CBR ca t, dm trong phng th nghim. 22tcn cac lop ao duong cap phoi thien nhien – thi.

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B dy ri mi lp ph thuc phng tin m nn c th tham kho iu B. Analysis of traffic patterns and the results from a specially commissioned axle load survey showed that in the first six to seven months since construction the Buon Ho road had most likely carried a traffic load ofesa. Was the design suitable for Commune Road A traffic? A separate report deals with the partial deterioration of the Ea Soup Road. Heavy traffic and overloading is a problem on rural roads in the area and the roads should be wider 5m and road designed for 10t.

There was a lack of some quality control DCP test results Some CBR laboratory test results from as-delivered material were low Some particle size distributions for DBM and WBM aggregate were poor There was insufficient site and laboratory data from section 4 During the construction period, the PDoT indicated that they proposed to upgrade this road to provincial level and observations by Intech-TRL of traffic using completed sections indicated that there was already a significant risk of heavy traffic using the road.

Table 11 Estimates of heavy traffic on the trial road ADT July July Jan Elapsed time Vehicle type Heavy trucks Dec 0 months 12 months 18 months 30 months 10 79 41 There are a number of likely errors in this calculation.

Method in a Test Pit Phng php th nghim tiu chun cht ca t v ngoi hin trng bng thay ct. This survey was then combined with an assessment of available test data to give an overall Quality Assessment as summarised in Table 2. Rut depths for Section BH3 Rutting: All extraneous matter, loose, segregated or otherwise defective areas shall be removed and made good with new material to the full thickness of the layer.

No adjustment is made for varying normal traffic along the road since diverted traffic is dominant and is about twice as much. Loi c th thi cng o, p bng cc loi my lm t thng thng v ch cn p dng cc gii php x l thng thng trong phm vi mt ct ngang thit k thi cngk c cc gii php x l thot nc v phng h ta luy thng thng.

However if the intention is to retain the Buon Ho as a Commune Road then any rehabilitation must be accompanied by stringent measures to restrict large and overloaded trucks.

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BUON HO ROAD – Research for Development

Dry Bound Macadam Stone This shall be machine crushed or manually broken fresh material that may include, quarried rock, natural granular material such as rocks, gravel or boulders. This is in contrast to the design value ofesa over a ten year design life. The apparent diversion of small buses from the main road during the middle period may indicate the route chosen by long distance mini-buses with a more flexible route schedules but it may simply be inaccurate data from the traffic count on RN Cch thc kim tra cht lng thi cng cc loi rnh v sai s cho php phi tun theo cc qui nh ti Bng 1.

Nht thit khng nc ma ng thnh vng trn mt cc lp o, lp p ang thi cng. C 50 m kim tra mt im. RHS — almost no drainage after first 50m Not definable DBM — good condition, slight loss of fine aggregate Good run-off unimpeded by pavement and shoulder shape.


The highest axle load recorded is more than twice of allowable axle load limit of national and provincial road 304-30 and 4 times of the limit of Rural Road Class A.

Pavement run-off is impeded by pavement shape at m at the edge of left shoulder, and by shoulder shape Drainage still functioning well Gravel shoulder is slightly eroded. Cc loi rnh khng xy hoc cha gia c: According to local information, a considerable volume of truck traffic travelled at night on the trial road.

Trnh o rnh ln vo thn v ta luy nn ng. However, these figures indicate an ESA total of between 75, and 22tcm, for a 10 year design life. Son tho ch dn k thut ri v m nn cho thi cng th nghim yu cu phi tht t m chi tit.

The survey has found the average conversion factors can be applied: The conversion factors and traffic data allow engineers to back-calculate the total traffic 22fcn each trial sections from the time when construction was completed and opened to traffic to time when first sign of distressed sections had been identified.

Percentage by mass 304–03 Test Sieve mm 75 50 Pavement in fairly good condition — slightly rough due to slight stripping of seal, almost no cracking or rutting. Trong tiu chun ny vic kim tra cht lng 22rcn nn lp t ln trc ht vn da vo khi lng th tch kh cht ln nht max c th t c tng ng vi t hp my v cng ngh m nn thch hp nht thc c, thc lm trn on thi cng th nghim hin trng, tc l ly tr s max xc nh hin trng ni 22tcn lm cht tiu chun thay cho cht tiu chun xut pht t th nghim m nn trong phng th nghim.


TCVN 9436 – 2012 Nen Duong Oto Thi Cong Va Nghiem Thu

Tiu chun thit k. Quy trnh phi th hin y cc thng s ca cng ngh m 22fcn c p dng, cc ch tiu phi kim sot cht trong qu trnh thi cng v cc ch tiu kim tra cht lng sau khi hon thnh m nn mi lp. The level of extreme axle load can reach up to four time of beyond its allowable axle load design of 6 tons as recommend by Vietnamese road design standards.

Inspection pit records are included as Appendix C. Reconciling the two methods is not possible except in terms of total trucks. This truck should be classified as medium truck 2 axles in term of it effect to damage of pavement. However, a simplified classification as given in Table 1 below which reflects the actual composition of traffic and axle loading pattern found from this survey. During the construction period, Intech-TRL staff made periodic visits to Dak Lak to comment on progress and quality control.

In carrying 034-03 these calculations, the overall steady growth in traffic has been taken into account. In addition, a significant numbers of vehicles were above the Commune A axle load limit of 6T.

Ket cau ao duong (1) | Vũ Dương –

Vehicles travelling from the East on RN 26 to the North on RN 14 and vice versa were able to reduce their journey distance by about 70 km by using the trial road as a short cut and this also enabled them to avoid the toll station on NR Nu o di chn mi taluy nn ng hoc mi dc thin nhin nn p dng bin php o cch qung xen k, o mt on v xy xong mng cng trnh hoc o mt on t ho, ng thot nc xong, lp li ri mi o v thi cng cc on xen k cn li. Slide 1 – Indiana Association of County Commissioners.

Pebble should be good quality without being cut if tested with a knife. However, it is also clear that the rate of this deterioration was aided to some extent by marginal or poor construction in some sections. The following were the principal points raised in the subsequent report.

Bnh ht m 4. Aggregate must be clean and free from organic matter.

The markedly different performance of sections BH5 and BH6, which are nominally the same design but built by different contractors, indicates that the quality of materials and the quality of 222tcn are significant factors.

Khng c lt bt k vng no khng c m nn k c cc vng st thnh vch cng trnh. Figure 1 shows locations of axle loading stations.